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Customer ratings, comments and testimonials

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Our store is rated as part of the Yahoo shopping network. Over 92% of recent customers gave us either Excellent or Good ratings, another 4% rated us OK. This puts the United States Flag store among the most highly rated stores in the Yahoo! store network.

When giving a rating customers can add a comment. Here are some examples of the comments we get back every day.

  • I have been raising our car dealership U.S. flag for over 20 years. The large 12ft x 18ft flag would be taken down once a month or so for repairs from wind damage. I came across this company and made an easy & timely purchase. The flag went up in June 4 2004, and started to show some wind damage in Jan 2005. It had gone minimum of six months through the worst weather season and held up to anything that was thrown at it. I have saved our company thousands of dollars in flag purchases and repairs. I usually do not take the time to rate anyone, but this company deserves my time to do so. Jerome, Chrysler Dodge dealership, Washington State (Flag was Super Tough brand - Ed.)
  • These flags will replace the ones we ordered 15 months ago, which have been flying every day. They still look good. I'm just reordering so I have two fresh flags on hand to replace them later this spring. We live in a nice neighborhood with lots of retired military officers, but ours are the most beautiful flags in the neighborhood. Keep up the good work! Barbara B, Williamsburg, Va (another Super Tough brand flag - Ed.)
  • Quality product. Very fast shipping. Best prices on the Net. Mark C, Irving TX
  • Very fast service. Top quality flag. Will deal with them again. Joseph L, New Kensington, PA
  • Delivery was prompt and the package included a letter containing a contact name and telephone number. The quality of the flag is better than what you can find at most retail stores. Janet P, Scotch Plains NJ
  • I couldn't believe how fast I received my flag. US flag company is the best company I have dealt with over the intenet. Thier product is of extraordinary value. Please thank them for me. Oh, old glory is flying proudly in front of my house. Thank you, Robert B, Richmond Hill NY
  • Delivery was much quicker than expected. Product was high quality. Few companies carry the 4 x 6 nylon flag at this time, but they had it. Richard S, Saugerties NY
  • The Flag was delivered promptly and is very beautiful!!!! D. Jean B, Fort Worth TX
  • Salesperson was very knowlegeable of products. My flags arrived on time. Very satisfied LNG Plant, Long Island City NY
  • Ordered online, the flag I ordered came within a couple days - no problem. All online ordering should be so smooth. Cameron L, St. Paul MN
  • My order arrived today --- thank you for your prompt and efficient service. Please know that my order was for a size (4 x 6) not currently available in this part of the LA area, and that your sales price, even with shipping costs, allowed me a deal that is better than one involving a comparable item purchased locally and picked up directly. (I found your business via --- the advantages of the Internet!) Jay, LA
  • I was not sure what size flag I needed. One quick email and I received an immediate response. They were most helpful and courteous. A Country Club, WV
  • Everything went great. They E-MAILED me telling me when the flag would be shipped, and it arrived when they said it would. I would definetly order from them again, and recommend this site to anyone Earl K, NJ
  • I couldn't be happier with Flag Store. When I was looking for a cotton American flag, I did a search and found many sites that carried flags, but no cotton flags. Then I hit upon Flag Store. It not only carried exactly what I wanted but showed this product first so I didn't have to search for it. The on line ordering instructions were simple and easy to follow. The price was excellent and the shipping charge was moderate, unlike most on-line vendors..
  • The flag is a beautiful cotton flag with vivid colors. I buy only cotton flags. They are very difficult to find. I know cotton flags are not as durable as synthetic materials for outdoor use but the beauty of cotton flags more than makes up for the durability of the synthetics. Also, I take excellent care of my flags. I fly the flag off my deck. I do not leave it out in bad weather, including heavy winds, and I bring it in every night. The cotton flags do fade, but the beauty of them is worth it. When the flag is faded, I replace it. Am I happy with the flag? I love it. I'm going to order another one or two just in case the manufacturer decides to discontinue making cotton flags. Ann, Gloucester, Massachusetts.

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