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US Air Force Flags

The United States Flag Store is no stranger to patriotism and showing our pride in the United States Air Force is no exception. With thousands of flags in stock and with so many great Air Force flags to choose from, you are bound to find something you will love to display and wave proud. From stick flags to 6-foot by 10-foot flags, we have got you and the air you need to cover, covered.

Official United States Air Force Flags

Our US Air Force flags have the official emblem of the United States Air Force on them and are fit to find themselves anywhere from marching in parades to waving high in your front yard.

Outdoor Air Force Flags Made in the USA

The Air Force 3ft x 5ft Nylon Flag comes to us from our friends in Valley Forge and is one of our top sellers. This is made with a top-quality heavyweight printed nylon and is considered to be an "all weather flag." The Air Force 3ft x 5ft Nylon Flag is more than capable to handle whatever the outdoors can throw at it, making this an ideal choice for the customer that wants to have their flag raised and in the air every day. This flag looks just as great indoors as it does outdoors and is made in the United States.

Our own brand Super Tough throws their proverbial hat in the ring with a 4ft by 6ft version of the Air Force flag. Made with 100% nylon, this flag keeps weather resistance and outdoor durability at the forefronts of its design. Add in a heavy-duty canvas heading and brass grommets and you got yourself one heck of a flag. Super Tough is known for being just that, "super-tough." Made proud in the U.S.A.

6′ x 10′ Nylon Air Force Banner Flag

Say hello to the absolute behemoth of the bunch. This flag is made for the fanatic who has got the space and really wants to really show that Air Force pride. The 6′ x 10′ Nylon Air Force flag has sturdy brass grommets and is made with a heavyweight nylon and is wonderfully suited for the indoors as well as outdoors, this flag while not for the faint of heart is made by Super Tough with a lot of loving hands right here in the United States.

Garden Flag

On the opposite end of the spectrum, for somebody just wanting to spruce up their landscape with some military appeal and show some Air Force love, the United States Air Force Garden Flag is suitable for doing just that. This flag comes in at 12″ by 18″, is made of nylon and has the official seal of the United States Air Force on it. Did we mention this one was made in the U.S.A. as well?

Car and Motorcycle Air Force Flags

Whether you want to hop on your motorcycle and go down the infamous Route 66 or you are just looking to skirt across town to catch a movie and some ice cream, our car and motorcycle flags are a great way to show your Air Force pride.

Indoor 3x5 Nylon Air Force Flag with Fringe

A wonderful nylon flag with a beautiful gold fringe, this United States Air Force Flag makes a great addition to the classroom, office or even to wave in the parade. Not to mention, it is made right here in the United States by Valley Forge.

Air Force Veteran Flag

For the proud man or woman that has served in the United States Air Force, we also have US Air Force Retired flags! These come in at 3ft by 4ft, are made with a printed nylon right here in the U.S. and would look great and wave proud in your front yard or from your front porch.

Space Force 3′ x 5′ Nylon Flag

And for those of us who have or had Netflix this last year, this next flag might be associated with the gruff General named Mark Naird played by Steve Carell and his second in command, Chief Scientist, Dr. Adrian Mallory played by John Malkovich. While this is a fictional show, there really is a United States Space Force! It’s one of the most recent additions to the United States long list of departments and the world’s only independent space force. This new division is a legitimate part of the United States Armed Forces and Department of the U.S. Air Force. This Space Force flag is 3ft by 5ft, made out of nylon and right here in the United States.

Air Force Stick Flags and Lapel Pin

And we wouldn't quite be the United States Flag Store without offering United States Air Force Stick Flags and Lapel Pins! Stick flags are great to take with you to parades and special events and a lapel pin really looks sharp on someone strongly tied to the military branch.

A Little History on the United States Air Force

"Aim High ... Fly-Fight-Win." The official motto of the United States Air Force.

The United States Air Force is a relatively new branch of national defense with its presence officially solidified on September 18th, 1947, when first secretary of the Air Force, W. Stuart Symington would take office. Airpower was a prominent proponent and such an important asset in the throes of World War II, with just under 70k U.S. airmen giving their lives to help win the war.

Airmen would push to be under their own guise and free from any outside control having been under the jurisdiction of the United States Army during this time. The result would be President Truman signing into effect the National Security Act on July 26th, 1947, while aboard his own personal aircraft. This would sew the formation of the mainstays of the Department of Defense that we have and know of today, consisting of the United State Army, the Central Intelligence Agency, Navy and the introduction of the Air Force as an independent sector.

Who designed Air Force flag?

The United States Air Force flag was designed by Dorothy G. Gatchell, a former heraldic consultant within the sector, although it also features elements designed by Arthur E. Dubois, such as the crest and the shield.

What does the Air Force flag look like? How many white stars are on the Air Force flag?

The Air Force flag is set on an Ultramarine Blue background with the United States Air Force coat of arms and thirteen white stars. The thirteen white stars are representative of the original thirteen colonies, with emphasis on the top three stars or grouping at the top standing for the Department of Defense, the United States Army, Navy and Air Force. An American bald Eagle is also featured on the flag as the national bird with a cloud formation that serves as a biblical metaphor for the foundation of the new department.

What are the 6 military flags?

The 6 primary military flags seen today consist of the United States Army, U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard and the most recent induction, the United States Space Force.

Just for fun

An "Ace," is the name given to a pilot who has shot down 5 or more enemy aircraft.

The CIA and the Air Force were both created with the National Security Act on September 18th, 1947.

Stealth Technology would be introduced in the 1980's around the same time the movie "Top Gun," was released.

A "roof stomp," is when airmen will smack doors and windows and make noise on the roof to either welcome a new commander or celebrate a special occasion.

Comedian George Carlin, musician, Johnny Cash, actor, Morgan Freeman and songwriter and performer, Willie Nelson were all former members of the United States Air Force.

Did you know the Air Force created their very own supercomputer made out of 1760 PlayStation 3's? Well, they did and this "condor cluster," was made to help analyze satellite imagery and currently resides in Rome, New York and is still the 33rd most powerful supercomputer in the world.

Airmen will grow out their mustaches through the month of March In honor of WW2 and Vietnam veteran, Brig. General Robin Olds. This is often referred to as the Mustache March. Gen. Olds was a triple ace.

The Air Force uses letters at the beginning of their aircraft that stands for the different type of craft they are, B means bomber, C stands for cargo and F for a fighter jet.

While most of us think of Air Force One as an actual plane, it is actually the name of the radio given to any US Air Force plane that happens to be carrying the president of the United States.

The sound barrier was first broken in 1947 by Air Force Capt. Chuck Yeager in his X-1 rocket powered aircraft.

The United States Air Force is the world's largest air force with a budget of $156.3 billion.

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