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Accessories for Commercial Poles

Accessories for Commercial Poles

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Do you know what the ball on the top of a flagpole is called? It is a truck and it actually has some historical significance. Legend has it that the ball is supposed to signify the first shot fired during the unrest in the colonies in 1775 in Lexington, Massachusetts.

United States Flag Store is the complete flag shop. We sell a varied stock of US flags, flags, residential and commercial flagpoles as well as a full line of flagpole accessories. When you make the decision to place a flagpole or a wall mount at your home or business, we have the trucks, lighting, balls, eagles and ornaments to complete the entire project. With our everyday prices, an amazing flag display is possible.

If you have questions, our top-rated customer service representatives will answer all your concerns and help you through the ordering process. Thanks to our efficient shipping, your commercial flagpole accessories will arrive right to your doorstep.

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