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Commercial & Residential Flagpoles

Flagpoles from the United States Flag Store all come with a lowest price guarantee and we can ship any size flagpole to you anywhere in the USA! Browse the biggest selection of flagpoles available on our easy to use website. Need help choosing a flagpole? Check out our article Selecting a Flagpole. You can also read about how to display your flags on the flagpole properly in the article Displaying the Flag with other Flags.

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Flagpole Warranty and Shipping Information - Biggest Flagpole Selection in the USA - Guaranteed Lowest Prices - Available Anywhere in The USA - Shop Any Size Pole

Flagpoles and Flagpole Kits: Everything You Need to Know

    At the United States Flag Store, we are no strangers to the Stars and Stripes what it means to carry that weight, and what to do to wave them proudly. That is why we put so much content and consideration when it comes to all the products we offer, with our flagpoles being no exception. We can ship any size flagpole to anywhere in the United States and offer some of the lowest prices on the market today.

    If you are unsure about what flagpole you need and need to know what each kind is in a little more detail, check out our article here on Selecting a Flagpole. We cover a lot of the basics of what you will need to be looking for when making your flagpole selection. This is going to include things like your location and how that can influence your decision, along with flagpole composition, height, windspeed, options, features, and budget. We'll talk about a little bit of that on this page too, but not to the same extent.

    What do you want to use your new flagpole for? Where will it be located?

    Probably one of the most important things you are going to answer is what will you be using your new flagpole for and where will it be located. An Indoor Flagpole Kit looks awesome when it is used, well indoors but isn't going to cut it when you are looking for something to install outside in your yard. So first things first, let's figure out where you want that new flagpole and we can go from there.

    The Outdoors and In Your Yard:

    In-Ground Commercial Grade Aluminum and Residential Flagpoles

    Our Commerical Grade Aluminum and standard Residential Flagpoles are going to be the prime choice for most of our customers who want to put a new flagpole in their front or backyard or next to their business.

    These come in a variety of different options with heights ranging from 20 to 90ft in the commercial sector and approximately 15 to 25ft in the residential. Your decision on height will more than likely be directly attributed to where the flagpole is going to be installed, with most one-story homes and businesses only needing a 20 to 25ft tall flagpole next to them for pleasing aesthetics and proper placement and etiquette. This isn't to say taller flagpoles don't have their place, as bigger buildings such as apartment complexes, offices, businesses, and industrial areas may want to opt for something with more height.

    You can Shop Flagpoles by Height, right here.

    From here, both commercial and residential flagpoles will also come in different materials such as aluminum and fiberglass. Aluminum is more along the lines of the industry standard flagpole, used all around the world. Fiberglass is usually used along the coastlines and in areas where inclement weather and lightning may be a concern as they are non-conductive. Fiberglass flagpoles also have a strong resistance to salt water and are lightweight.

    In looking for a new commercial or residential flagpole, you will also want to take the average wind speed in your area into consideration. This is going to vary from flagpole to flagpole and can generally be found in the additional information section on the product page or in the product description. This can also be found on the upper right corner of the product image with a wind speed rating of either, medium, high, or storm.

    You can Shop by Wind Speed, right here.

    Telescoping Flagpoles

    And if you are on the fence about what flagpole to get for your front or back yard, a telescoping flagpole is a good place to start. You won't have to worry as much about wind speeds and what it can handle or about struggling to get your flag in the air. With Telescoping Flagpoles, they can be operated with a simple button or spring release that is used to raise and lower it. This gives you an advantage over other flagpoles by not only being able to lower it when inclement weather is on its way but also making it a little bit easier to get your flag on first thing in the morning. As a permanent installation in one's yard, a telescoping flagpole is going to be one of the most budget-friendly with prices for anyone to get their favorite flag in the air.

    Outside, on the Side of Your Home

    Wall-Mount Residential Flagpoles, American Flag Kits

    A classic slice of Americana, seen all over the country are the proud Residential Flag Kits you see waving from the front porch. Some of the least expensive options we have at the United States Flag Store, these kits really do the trick. With options that range from spinner poles, pole hems, and full kits, you can easily find something that is going to work for you and get Old Glory up and waving in no time. Most of these vary in where they are from with some of the products being imported and others from the United States.

    Commercial Wall-Mount Flagpoles

    Our Heavy Duty Wall Mount Poles are like the ones mentioned prior but way more jacked. These are made to go on the side of your home or business on a city street. With the buildings funneling that much more wind in the direction of your flagpole on the side, you are going to need something that can handle it and these do just that. These are all made in the U.S.A. and ready to showcase that red, white, and blue.

    On the Coasts

    Single-Mast Nautical Series Flagpoles

    One of the more heavily priced items at the United States Flag Store, the Single-Mast Nautical Series Flagpoles are heavy hitters with the ability to hold multiple flags. These go from 20 to 80ft tall, have an aluminum yardarm with pulleys, and come with everything you need to install. Most of these products come with a lifetime warranty and all are made in the United States. The Single-Mast Nautical Series Flagpole would make the perfect addition to any seaside restaurant, home, or business just along the coastline.

    In Your Yard

    Garden Flag Holders 

    For the customer wanting to spruce up the front, back yard, or garden area, check out our Garden Flag Holders. There is a variety of Garden Flags you can get at the United States Flag Store from Patriotic Mini Garden Flags to Holiday and Seasonal Garden Flags. No matter what you are looking for, you are sure to find something wonderful to put up and display in your neighborhood and community.

    Indoor Flagpoles

    A classic look and a beautiful touch to any indoor space is an Indoor American Flagpole Kit. Whether for your home or office, these kits will bring pride and professionalism to your environment. You can mix and match and purchase pieces separately or all together in one convenient kit. Well priced and a great choice to liven up a VFW or concert hall, auditorium, courtroom, or school.

    Street Banner and Advertising

    Be sure to check out our Street Banner and Advertising Flagpoles if you need to pump up the marketing of your business or event. All of these are priced to sell and are an easy way to get some attention and get new customers through the door. From a huge selection of Advertising and Swooper Flags to Flutter Flags, you are bound to find something to help bring in business.

    Flagpole Lighting

    And just in case you already have a flagpole, some quality Flagpole Lighting is an added bonus and in some cases, a must. If you are looking to fly the American Flag all throughout the night, you'll want to make sure you have it properly lit up as per the United States Flag Code. A lot of our lighting is solar-powered, so you won't have to worry about plugging them in and dealing with pesky wires. Amply priced and ready to shine bright.

    Toppers and Accessories

    To get the most out of your flagpole, we even offer a host of Flagpole Toppers and Accessories to customize and keep it in tip-top shape. From replacement parts, attachments, mounts, and repair kits to stylish eagle and ball toppers, we have everything you need to make your flagpole your own and last,


    Looking for a flag, but it hasn't been made yet? Well, you are in luck, we can custom-make your own designs for your business, event, or even personal use! It's as simple as picking out the flag you want and sending us your file. Check out our Custom Flags page for more details and bring your ideas to light!

    Contact Us 

    Whether you have questions about our products or you are looking for options on bulk and for wholesale pricing, you can send us an e-mail or give us a call at 1-877-732-2458.

    Flagpole FAQ

    What type of flagpole is best?

    Finding the right flagpole for the job is more important than trying to figure out which flagpole is the best. While some may be the best for certain applications, they may find themselves lacking in others. To get a good idea of what flagpole may work for you, check out our article on Selecting a Flagpole. In this article, we guide you through what to look for when looking to purchase a new flagpole. We'll get you to ask yourself where you want your new flagpole to be located and what is going to work best for you and your needs.

    How Tall Should Your Flagpole Be?

    The height of your flagpole is going to be determined by where you are going to be placing your flagpole. This is going to have to do with the building or buildings it is placed next to and what other potential obstructions may be around such as trees and or powerlines. For most one-story homes and businesses, a 20 to 25-foot tall flagpole is more than sufficient.

    How much of a Flagpole should be in the Ground?

    Most flagpoles should see approximately ten percent of themselves in the ground. This means that a 25-foot flagpole should have 2.5 feet buried in the ground and a 20-foot flagpole with 2 feet in the ground.

    What's the Standard Size Flagpole for a House? Should the flagpole be higher than the house?

    The standard-size flagpole is 20ft for a single-story home or 25ft and up for a multi-story home. A flagpole can be a little taller than the house, but not by too much. If you live in a one-story ranch, anything over 25ft tall is going to be too much.

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