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Commercial & Residential Flagpoles

Flagpoles from the United States Flag Store all come with a lowest price guarantee and we can ship any size flagpole to you anywhere in the USA! Browse the biggest selection of flagpoles available on our easy to use website. Need help choosing a flagpole? Check out our article Selecting a Flagpole. You can also read about how to display your flags on the flagpole properly in the article Displaying the Flag with other Flags.

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Flagpole Warranty and Shipping Information - Biggest Flagpole Selection in the USA - Guaranteed Lowest Prices - Available Anywhere in The USA - Shop Any Size Pole

Flagpoles and Flagpole Kits : Everything You Need to Know

Flagpoles are an important part of any flag display. There are many different types of flagpoles available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The type of flagpole you choose will depend on a number of factors, including the type of flag you are displaying, the size of the flag, the wind conditions where the flag will be displayed, and the type of ground the flagpole will be placed in.

Multiple flags:

When multiple flags are flown on the same flagpole, they are typically arranged in order of importance, with the flag of the nation flying highest. When purchasing a flagpole you will want to determine how many flags you will be flying on 1 pole and the size of those flags.

Flagpoles for Sale: The Best Deals on Flagpoles

Find the right flagpole for residential, commercial and holiday uses at United States Flag Store. We have negotiated the lowest prices available for premium-quality flagpoles. Our experts can help you choose the right flagpole for your location, climate and budget. Our economical residential grade sectional and telescoping flagpoles, for example, are lightweight for low-wind areas. Our commercial-grade sectional poles will withstand moderate winds.

The Best Telescoping Flagpoles and Flagpoles for your house

Our best-selling telescoping poles can be extended or retracted with a simple click of the release button. These telescoping poles are also Made in the USA. This pole comes with a 5 year manufacturer warranty and includes all of the accessories need to fly your flag. We also feature a installation video of this flagpole on the product page to show you how easy it is to install. With over 80 reviews, our customers love this flagpole, Tammy had this to say about it "Made in USA is a must for this union worker! Great product, fast delivery, easy instructions to set it up…… Looks great with my American flag and my equality flag!" Our aluminum flagpoles are rust free and have extruded pipe or tube. They must be produced in accordance with government standard ASTM B241. To choose the best flagpole based on your flag's size, visit our guide to selecting flagpoles.

Need help or advice? Just call toll free 1-877-732-2458 and our friendly staff will explain the options and benefits.

Wait... Before you fly that American flag, visit our Flag Blog for American Flag etiquette!

HINT: If you’re unsure of the height you need, get one of our convenient telescoping flagpoles to fly the Stars and Stripes over your home or business.

HOW TO CHOOSE - What type of flagpole is best?

Commercial, In-Ground, Residential and more! Selecting the correct flagpole is an important decision. Keep some key factors in mind when making your choice, including location—where in the country you are located and what are local ordinances, as well as where the pole will be located on your property. Weigh cosmetic preferences along with how your flagpole will blend with its surroundings. There are many factors to evaluate to ensure you purchase the ideal flagpole. The United States Flag Store is your one-stop-shop for all types of flagpoles. A business always looks bigger and better with Old Glory flying high. An American flag draws attention to a building and shows the pride of an American company.

Check out all of our options for flagpoles:

  • Wall mounting kits for any type of installation.
  • Use street (avenue) banner flagpoles to promote your business or community event.
  • Residential flagpole and ground flagpole kits. These come with the flagpole accessories need to fly your flag.
  • A special economy series of flagpoles with different options such as aluminum pole, fiberglass pole, steel pole, and a nautical series pole.
  • Commercial grade aluminum flagpoles ranging from 15 ft. up to 100 ft. Sectional aluminum flagpoles can be shipped by standard UPS for substantial savings.
  • Contact our custom department to make your avenue banners! For more complex artwork, such as photographs, the custom digital print nylon flag is the one and only option.
  • Indoor flags and flagpoles for classrooms, fraternity lodges, V.F.W. halls, and offices, demonstrate American pride and beautify any interior. Our indoor American flags are the highest quality from Valley Forge Flags, or equivalent.
  • Street (avenue) lights – our wide range of flagpole kits accommodates banner style flags on poles mounted on streetlights, telephone and electric poles, ideal for decorative or promotional use on “Main Street,” or in any community setting.
  • Garden flags and flagpoles. We have a large array of decorative flags and our metal flagpoles start at $6.50, manufactured by our own line. Choose from US Flag Store’s own manufactured line of garden and seasonal flags for holiday, seasonal, decorative, military, political, family messages, American flags and more.

Attention Retailers: Want to sell US Flag Store products? Contact us for wholesale pricing, at 1-877-732-2458.

Flagpole FAQ

How Tall Should Your Flagpole Be?

The height of your flagpole can be determined by the size of the flag that you wish to fly. View our easy-to-read sizing guide in the selecting a flagpole article.

How Deep Should a 25 Foot Flagpole be Buried?

You will want to dig a hole that is 4-6 times the butt diameter of the flagpole.

What's the Standard Size Flagpole for a House?

20ft for a single story home or 25ft and up for a multi story home. We have a large selection of Residential Flagpoles with many options!

Solar Lights for Flagpoles

Having solar lights on your flagpole is an easy and handy feature to have, it can be hard to remember to turn your lights on at night and with solar lights you don't have to! Many people purchase solar lights not only for their convivence but also to follow proper US flag etiquette which states, that if you wish to fly your American flag after dark then it needs to be properly lit. Find a solar light to add to your flagpole here.

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