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Georgia Flags

Georgia Flags

Did you know that there have been seven Georgia flags before the current one was adopted in 2003? Residents of the states actually voted in a referendum on the Georgia flag that now represents the state.

The United States Flag Store has a selection of flags that represent all 50 states including the Peach State. You'll find the choices for the Georgia state flag include the current one as well as other flags that have represented Georgia over the years.

Whether you need a 3ft x 5ft Georgia flag to display indoors or outside or a hand-held 4 x 6 inch flag of Georgia, the United States Flag Store has what you need.

Miniature Georgia flags are an excellent tool for teachers, especially when discussing how the flag has changed over the years as well as the process the state went to adopt the current one in 2003.

The United States Flag Store is all about flags. Explore the history of Georgia through their flags and order yours today!