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Engraved Brass Plates

Engraved Brass Plates

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The United States Flag Store makes it easy to customize your flag display case with an engraved brass plate. Engraved plates are also perfect for nameplates, signs, desks, trophies and more. Our customized brass plates are beautiful and affordable, plus there's no minimum order. Engraved items ship in 2 days or less and are made using our own on-site engraving equipment and staff of skilled technicians. Our in-house engraving service helps keep prices low and service fast.

Customized Engraved Metal Name Plates with Adhesive Backing

Adding a customized engraved metal nameplate is a wonderful addition to make your flag display case, desk and trophy more unique and personal. Whether it's to honor a special person in your life who served in the military or simply to put on your new desk at work, these custom engravings will look great wherever you decide to put them. We allow up to 3 lines of text on some of our larger plates and 2 lines of text for smaller ones. All brass plaques come with an adhesive mounting strip on the back for easy installation. If you purchase 2 or more plaques you'll qualify for a 50 percent discount on the second brass plaque.

Other Uses for Personalized Trophies

Urns, Door Sign, or other applications for your home You can also use our customized engraved metal name plate to put on personalized trophies, whether this was for something that maybe didn't come with it or if you just wanted to make one up for your fantasy football league or other clubs! These also work well for urns, honoring and remembering a loved one with grace and poise. Another idea for a practical application would be to use these plates as a door sign to tell people where they are going. Whether it's a Janitor's closet or a CEO's office, both are great and it's custom! Whatever you would like it to say.

How to clean brass nameplates?

Cleaning and keeping your brass nameplate clean should first start with the simple determination as to whether your plate is lacquered. If the object is lacquered, the only real suggestion would be to take it into a metal refinisher. The next step is to determine whether your plate is merely brass plated or fully brass. An easy way to tell is to stick a magnet to the plate, if the magnet sticks, it is more than likely only brass plated, whereas if it doesn't then it is brass. If the nameplate is brass plated, all you will need to clean it is warm soap and water. If it is fully brass, you can use store-bought brass polish to take care of any unruly sights.

How to engrave brass nameplates?

Just pick out any of our engraved metal nameplate and let us know what you want to be engraved on it. We'll do all the engraving.

Please Note: that engraved brass plates are non-returnable and non-refundable. Please check spelling, dates, etc. before finalizing your order. Plates do not come mounted on the display case or the pedestal.

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