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Did you know that the Christian flag is one of the oldest flags in the world that has never been altered? At the United States Flag Store, you will find more than just an array of American flags. There is also a wide selection of Religious Flags including the Christian flag.

When exploring the range of religious flags for sale, you'll find Jewish and Buddhist flags as well as flags that represent specific churches such as the United Methodist, Presbyterian and Episcopal. Even the Vatican is not left out. The United States Flag Store is also excited to now offer Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags.

These flags are available in the popular 3ft x 5ft size all the way down to the hand-held 4 x 6 inch stick flags. The miniature flags are an excellent tool for history and social studies teachers.

When displaying religious flags along with the American flag, which one goes on top? The American flag is always takes precedence and that includes over religious flags. However, there is one rather detailed exception. A church flag is only flown over the American flag if a service is being conducted by a Navy Chaplin for Navy personnel at sea.

Does the American flag take precedence over religious flags? Visit our Flag Blog to find out today!

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