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Commercial Grade Sectional
Our best selling flagpole for both commercial and residential use!

10X Stronger than a residential pole - Free shipping - Lifetime Warranty - Elegant tapered look

Recommended Uses

Home & Residential Locations Schools, Public Buildings, Offices Stores & Shopping Centers Parks and Recreational Areas Moderately Windy Areas #1 Best Seller

Our sectionals are a definite upgrade from the standard residential pole. They are four times the weight and have double the wall thickness so you get the durability and sturdiness of a commercial grade pole without the higher cost. They come standard with all the accessories you need and expert assistance is not needed to set them up. If you are looking for a nice flagpole at a decent price these are the ones you want.


  • Gold Anodized Aluminum Ball Ornament
  • Cast aluminum stationary truck (pulley)
  • Solid braided polypropylene halyard
  • Nylon flag snaps
  • Swivel flag snaps with vinyl covers
  • PVC foundation sleeve
Commercial Grade Sectional

Commercial Grade Sectional

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Pledge allegiance with one of our Commercial-Grade Sectional Flagpoles. Available in heights of 20 and 25 feet, you can also choose from satin, clear, bronze and black finishes. These flagpoles in particular have low wind speed ratings of about 50 to 85 MPH, so they are ideal for climates that don't get particularly extreme weather. But these flagpoles do boast a 0.125-inch wall thickness, which is about double that of the typical residential pole, which means it is still quite sturdy. What's more, these Commercial-Grade Sectional Flagpoles can still ship via UPS, which makes them more economical than some other options. Each package includes: a gold anodized aluminum ball ornament, cast aluminum stationary truck, solid braided polypropylene halyard, nylon flag snaps and PVC foundation sleeve.

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