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We are number 378 on the list of the 500 largest online retailers, and we are the only flag retailer on this list. We are currently the second fastest growing retailer in western PA. We are a division of Online Stores Inc.

United States Flag - Many Flags Available

The United States Flag Store carries every type of American flag imaginable, from indoor flags and flagpoles to outdoor wall mounting kits. You can choose between nylon and polyester American flags of varying qualities from home use to G-SPEC official government size flags. We sell high-quality Valley Forge Flag Company items as well as our own brand of great American flags. Whether you’re looking for many small stick flags to hand out to a class or group or you’re looking to install a large permanent flagpole, The United States Flag Store has it in stock. Our American flags range in size from just a few inches to 30 ft. x 50 ft.! Many of our flags are made in the USA, but we do carry inexpensive imported flags, as well. All American flags are rated on a five-star scale in important categories like durability, fly-ability, and appearance. Our position as the largest online flag seller allows you to get a great price on a flag. We have economy-grade flags for just a couple dollars and also offer the highest-quality large flags for better prices than you’ll find anywhere else. There are many categories to choose from, including American flags for boats and vehicles, flag mounting kits, and flag fabric types. You can even utilize our convenient search function to easily find any type you’re looking for.

American Flags - Made in USA

Shop our selection of USA Made American Flags made from a variety of materials, including nylon, cotton and polyester. We proudly promote our American Flag makers and set out to produce the best selection of American Made Flags available in the world.

USA Flag We have 100 different US flag products, ranging in size from 4x6in to 30ftx50ft. The list includes indoor and outdoor kits, car flags, stick flags, banners, nylon, cotton and polyester flags, printed flags, sewn flags and more! View list of 100 US flag products or display all 100 US flag products.

We offer American Flags made in the USA by Valley Forge Flag Co., in addition to our own brand of nylon and Super Tough polyester.We also offer low cost printed American flags in lightweight polyester and durable Super Knit polyester.

We now offer 6 months warranty on both Valley Forge Koralex Polyester and Super Tough Polyester American flags sizes 3ftx5ft to 5ftx8ft.

High Quality American Flags

Sewn nylon flags are the most popular outdoor flags. They are very attractive to look at, durable, affordable, and they fly with the least wind.

Sewn Polyester flags are our most durable flags, and are the best option if you intend to fly the flag 24/7. They require more wind than nylon flags to "fly" as they are heavier. They are made from a special type of polyester fabric which looks like coarse cotton in texture. They are also the most expensive flags.

Cotton flags Our Online Stores Brand are made from densely woven heavy cotton fabric, with rich vibrant colors. They make attractive flags for indoor display. These flags have sewn stripes and embroidered stars. They are not designed for use outdoors. We also offer Cotton flags made by Valley Forge which are suitable for outdoor use but are not as attractive indoors.

Banner type flags which have a pole hem or sleeve to attach the flag to the pole.

Printed US Flags We offer a choice of very low cost printed polyester flags, and more durable Super Knit polyester flags.

Flags up to 6ft x 10ft have grommets for flagpole use. Larger sizes have roped headings with thimble ends.

American Flags History - Q&A

How many stars are on the American Flag?

There are 50 Stars on the American Flag which represent our 50 States.

How many stripes are on the United States Flag?

There are 13 stripes on the American Flag.

Why does the American Flag have 13 stripes?

The horizontal rows of stripes on the American Flag represent the 13 original colonies.

What do the colors of the American flag mean?

The American Flag is made with 3 colors which is Red, White and Blue and they are all very symbolic. White represents purity and innocence. Blue represents vigilance, justice and perseverance. Red represents valor and hardiness.

What does the American flag represent?

The American Flag stands for freedom, liberty, justice and national purpose for the country. The American flag is the symbol in the world for the United States of American. The design with it's alternate red and white stripes with blue stars are iconic to the American people. Americans celebrate Flag Day on June 14th which is also known as National Flag Day. Flag Day is a commemoration of when the design of the American Flag came together in 1777. Americans place their right hand over the heart during the Pledge of Allegiance as a sign of respect for their country.

Did You Know? The first flag of the United States actually incorporated the British flag in the canton where the 50 stars are now...For more info, visit, which has free American flag picture downloads, info and history.

Who really designed the American Flag? Find out at our Flag Blog

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