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Internal Halyard Commercial Flagpoles

Internal Halyard Commercial Flagpoles

While it is hard to imagine the theft or the unauthorized lowering of a flag, it does happen. From time to time, stories surface about the theft of an American flag from someone's property. Most recently, one occurred on the 2015 Fourth of July celebration. A US serviceman had his removed from his El Paso, Texas front yard. He flew the flag year-round as a reminder of his fellow veterans that did not return home.

The design of the Internal Halyard Flagpole seeks to prevent such an episode since it uses a special winch that is mounted inside the shaft of the pole. It can only be operated by a removable crank. The Internal Halyard Flagpoles stand at heights between 20 and 80 feet. They also withstand wind speed ratings of up to 120 mph. It is important that these poles be installed correctly.

Whether you are installing the flagpole for commercial or residential use, the Internal Halyard Flagpole will put your mind at ease that it will remain flying where you raised it.

Most of these poles require expert installation and a crane. Please consult an engineer for proper installation. Also, read the wind speed chart before choosing your flagpole.

Our commercial poles ship by truck and our shipping calculator is not able to accurately calculate the cost. For more information about buying a commercial grade flagpole click here.