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Our Puerto Rico flag from our U.S. Territories flags collection at the United States Flag Store is available in sizes ranging from 4 inches by 6 inches to 6 feet by 10 feet. Like the U.S. flag, Puerto Rico's flag is red, white, and blue. Five alternating horizontal red and white stripes create the flag's backdrop. A blue isosceles triangle on the hoist side has a white, five-pointed star in the center.

Puerto Rico Flags

The flag of Puerto Rico is one of pride, revolution and a representation of the commonwealth and all her peoples. Whether you or someone you know is from the island, you're celebrating a special occasion, or you just want to show your appreciation of Puerto Rican culture, these flags are a great way to do that.

What does the Puerto Rican flag look like? Colors? Similarities with the American Flag

The Puerto Rican flag features five horizontal stripes, alternating red and white, a blue isosceles triangle on the hoist or left side with a white five-point star in the triangle. This flag shares similarities with the American flag both in its colors and even in its basic design. The shades of blue on the Puerto Rican flag are currently not specified in law and you will see different versions throughout the island and beyond.

Puerto Rico Flags Made in the USA

The United States Flag Store is proud to carry the flag of Puerto Rico within our inventory. As a fellow revolutionist country ourselves and with Puerto Rico being a commonwealth of the United States, it is our privilege.

One of our favorite flags we have in stock is the Puerto Rico Flag 3x5ft Nylon. This printed nylon flag comes from our friends in Valley Forge. It is an outdoor flag made to be waved with pride and handle whatever mother nature can throw at 'er. Finished with a strong canvas heading for extra longevity and durability and brass grommets to make installation a breeze. This flag looks great indoors and outdoors and is proudly made in the United States.

We also carry the Puerto Rico Flag in a 5ft by 8ft nylon. This is another printed nylon flag and comes from our own brand Super Tough. Made with a durable heavyweight nylon to withstand the weather, brass grommets and a strong canvas header. All quality you would expect from Super Tough on this U.S. made flag. This Puerto Rican flag also comes in a staggering 6ft by 10ft as well.

Other Puerto Rico Flags and Accessories

Be sure to check out the Puerto Rico stick flag in a 4 inch by 6 inch. A small handheld flag that looks great on a desk in the classroom or at home. This flag is also great to take with you and hand out at parades, parties and special events.

Our Puerto Rico Indoor flags have a handsome gold fringe and are fit for any indoor setting.

And Puerto Rico Lapel Pins to take with you on the go, whether you are hitting up a celebration or just going for a walk down the street.

Does Puerto Rico have 2 flags?

Puerto Rico does have a couple different versions of their flag. The flag and color scheme we see today was brought about in 1952 when Puerto Rico became an official commonwealth of the United States. This featured a similar shade of blue to the American flag known as Old Glory Blue. This flag in itself was based off an earlier design associated primarily with revolutionists that saw the flag with a lighter shade of blue, with its roots tied with the Lares Flag.

The colors of the present-day flag are said to represent the following with the red stripes representing the blood that nourishes the three government branches, the whites tripes for liberty and individual rights, the star for the commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the triangle for the three branches of government, executive, legislative and judicial.

The colors seen in the original design were interpreted a little differently than the flag we have today. The island was seen as being represented in the white star with the lighter shade of blue for the sky and the sea. The red stripes were for the blood spilt by revolutionists and the white stripes for their victory and for peace.

Both versions of these flags are seen throughout the island and around the world.

Where did Puerto Rico get its first flag? The Lares Flag, the Original Puerto Rican Flag, History and Meaning

The very first time we see one of the original flags of Puerto Rico dates back to 1868. This came about in what was known as "El Grito de Lares," which translates to "The Cry of Lares," an attempt by the peoples of Puerto Rico to overthrow Spain and Spanish occupation on the island. It is noted that this is the first time where the people of Puerto Rico had their own symbol to represent them, prior to this, the flag of Spain was the predominant flag on the island. This flag would be known as the "Revolutionary Flag of Lares," and would draw from the Dominican Republic for its design. As the islands of the Carribean, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Cuba during this time had sought to become one united front known as the Antillean Confederation, a free and sovereign entity without the occupancy of outside rule on the islands, most notably Spain at the time.

The design of the Lares Revolutionary Flag sees a white Latin cross in the middle, separating the flag into four squares, with the two bottom, red and the top two, blue with a single white five-point star in the top left square.

Luis Llorens Torres, Puerto Rican poet, playwright and politician shares his insight on the meaning of which is the red squares stand for the blood that was poured by the heroes of the rebellion, the lone star in the blue square for their independence and freedom and the Latin cross for their homeland and redemption.

Ultimately, this rebellion had failed, but the seeds of a free island had been sewn.

Why is the Cuba and Puerto Rico flag the same? What does the Cuban flag look like?

Sharing a very similar design and color scheme, the Cuban and Puerto Rican flags are different. For starters, the Puerto Rican flag has a 2 to 3 aspect ratio (height to width). while the flag of Cuba is a 1 to 2 aspect ratio. Puerto Rico has red and white stripes, a blue isosceles triangle with a white five-point star in the middle while Cuba has blue and white stripes with a red isosceles triangle that houses a white five-point star.

Did the commonwealth of Puerto Rico copy the Cuban flag?

As for the current iteration of the Puerto Rican flag, while some of the same meanings still translate over into the new one, we see this design brought about in New York City in 1895. It wasn't uncommon for Puerto Rican and Cuban revolutionaries to be exiled from their countries, especially after causing a stir, New York in the late 1800's saw a fair share of these men and women. And it would be here where Puerto Rico would get its new flag.

A group known as the Puerto Rican Revolutionary Committee also called, "Club Borinquen," was made primarily of Puerto Rican exiles including Juan de Mata Terreforte. The Lares Revolutionary flag would see its place as the official flag for Puerto Rico during this time. Throughout the next couple of years, the committee was tasked with creating a new design.

Although, there is a fair share of dispute as to who is credited with this new iteration. The club was closely affiliated with the Cuban Revolutionary Party during this time in which member, Francisco Gonzalo Marin who may have suggested that the colors of the Cuban flag be inverted for the new flag of Puerto Rico. This was presented the Puerto Rican committee in 1895. While others claim it came from Antonio Vélez-Alvarado, in 1892 who had been staring at the Cuban flag outside his apartment window in New York and saw the colors appear inverted before his very eyes when he had gazed upon a blank wall.

We also carry flags from the otherUnited States Territories too! So, if you are looking to start collecting or round out your collection, we have got just the flags for you.

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