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Flagpole Eagles

Flagpole Eagles

Finish your flag with the symbol of freedom - the eagle.

The United States Flag Store carries a variety of flagpole eagles for all sizes of flagpoles. The golden ornaments are made to sit at the tip of the flagpole, enhancing the design and increasing the patriotic appeal. Flagpole eagles come in a variety of shapes and sizes with wings spread in various poses. Choose your favorite design and let freedom ring. Flagpole eagles are available in several attachment styles. Please note the attachment style and make sure it is compatible with your flagpole before you place your order. More information about the metal and finish types are available on individual product pages. If you do not see the flag pole eagle you need, please call 1-877-734-2458 for details of other eagles. We also have larger eagles, gold plated and gold leaf eagles.

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