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Patriotic Decoration

Patriotic Decoration

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Patriotic Supplies for Room Decor

Give your house a patriotic makeover! You can make your home look like it's straight out of revolutionary times with these eye-catching decorations. Pleated fans look right at home lining the front porch, railings, and entryway! These also serve well around holidays such as President's Day, Memorial Day, the 4th of July, Veteran's Day, and Labor day to give your space that extra zest and touch of patriotism. If you are looking to present that classic Americana look, these supplies will do just that.

Wall Art or Large Displays for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Here at the United States Flag Store, along with pleated fans, we also carry stick flags that serve wonderful to hand out at parades, parties and more! In addition to this, they also look great lining your driveway or garden. We also carry US Flag Bunting that will compliment any décor. Bunting table railings and using them for your creative projects are a fun way to show your colors and what you stand for! Whatever your patriotic design needs or ideas are, you can find the patriotic decorations and patriotic party supplies here at the United States Flag Store.

Check out our wide selection at prices that you can afford to supply decorations for your next event or celebration.

Can you use the American flag as décor?

The Flag Code emphasizes that the American Flag is not a decoration but rather a symbol for the United States and should be treated as such with the utmost respect and dignity. Essentially stating that while the flag may be hung behind a speaker at an event or such, it is not to be used as an aesthetic or visual embellishment. Check out our Article on The Flag and Patriotic Decorations to read more about this. If you want to decorate in a patriotic manner, consider using our patriotic decorations we have available.

How do you display an American flag on the porch?

Etiquette suggests the proper way to display the American flag on the porch has to do with a couple of key points. First of all, see to it that the American flag is not being used as a decoration, but displayed as a symbol that should be respected. This entails making sure the flag is not touching the ground, and that the blue space or union always appears to be on the top left from the observer's perspective. The Flag should be on the left side of the porch from a visitor's standpoint from the street. If you have other flags hanging or raised up, the American flag must always be the highest raised and furthest flag left when compared visually to your other ones. This signifies the importance of the flag for what it is, representing a symbol of the United States of America. By being the furthest left this coincides with how most people read, from left to right, ensuring you see the American flag first. And being the highest shows it is held in the highest regard and most important among any other flags you may have to wave alongside.

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