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US Army Flags

At the United States Flag Store, we love to share our patriotism in whatever way we can. Sometimes that means waving that red, white and blue and sometimes that means putting up the United States Army flag. Whether you are a veteran, are serving or simply know someone who is or was or you just want to show your support for the troops, a US Army flag is an awesome addition to your flag collection. We offer these in not only a variety of different sizes and options for outdoor and indoor use, but we also have pins, patches and decals. And in addition to flags for the U.S. Army, you'll also find Army flags for the various units and divisions therein.

The United States Army Flag, Design and History

The official flag of the United States Army features The Department of the Army Seal on an all-white background. The seal came into existence in 1778 and had remained this way until 1947. Formerly known as the "War Office Seal," this was used to verify documents during the days of the American Revolution.

On the seal we see a Roman cuirass, a piece of armor made to offer protection while simultaneously representing the ideal form of the masculine male body, this stands as a symbol of defense and strength. Drums and drumsticks are used to "vocalize" the Army's intent and well-meaning to serve the Nation, it's people and their well-being. There is also a mortar, mortar bombs, cannon and cannon ball, musket, bayonet, and esponton all tools and weapons that the army either used previously and in some cases even still used today. A Phrygian cap, or cap of liberty is atop an unsheathed sword with a scroll that reads "This We'll Defend," held by a rattlesnake showing a readiness to defend freedom and the United States.

The colors of the United States Army flag represent blue for vigilance, loyalty, perseverance, and truth, red stands for courage, fortitude, and zeal, while white to represent deeds worthy of remembrance.

United States White Army Flag 3x5 Nylon Options made for Indoors and Outdoors

Looking for the quintessential "all weather flag," that checks the boxes you want to check? The Army 3ft x 5ft Nylon Flag is your ticket. This features the official seal of the United States Army with a scarlet scroll below that with white letters that say, "United States Army." It is made of a heavyweight nylon suitable to handle whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at it. Along with this, it comes with a strong canvas heading and brass grommets to add to its longevity. This United States Army flag is proudly made in the U.S.A. and will look great indoors and outdoors. Be sure to check out our 2ft by 3ft and 4ft by 6ft made in the U.S.A. United States Army Nylon flags as well!

USA Army Star Black Flag made in the USA

For the modern take of the US Army flag, the US Army Flag 3ft x 5ft Nylon is what you have more than likely seen on the Army's television campaigns. This flag is slick and looks fantastic. Made with 100% nylon, this flag not only offers superior weather resistance, but also doesn't require much wind to see 'er fly in the air. It also comes with a strong canvas heading with brass grommets to keep flying true. This US Army Flag will look great indoors as well as outdoors and is also made right here in the United States.

Official US Army Seal Garden Flag

If you are looking to show your patriotism off in the garden, we carry the Official US Army Garden Flag for just such an occasion. This flag measures 12" x 18", features a pole hem to make displaying your flag even easier. This flag is made of nylon.

Army Veteran Flag

To show some love and pride for the veteran in your life, the Retired Army Flag 3ft x 5ft Nylon by Valley Forge proudly does that. Whether that person is you or just someone special to you, this flag will look great waving from your front porch. This flag flies great in low wind, comes with a heavy canvas heading and brass grommets. Made of nylon and in the United States, you'll be seeing this wave for a long time.

Stick Flags

The perfect companion to bring along with you to hand out at parades celebrating the United States Army is our 4" x 6" Army Stick flags. These are made of polyester on a 10" stick with sewn edges. These are our own brand Super Tough and come imported to The United States Flag Store and are also available for bulk orders.

Can anyone fly a military flag?

Anyone who wants to is allowed to fly a military flag. It is generally flown by people who are either serving, have served or they know someone who is serving or has served. Whatever your reason behind flying a military flag, there is nothing wrong with wanting to show a little bit of pride in the branches of military of this great country.

What is a military flag called?

A military flag is often referred to as a war flag or a battle flag. These are generally and most commonly used by a country's military forces while on land.

What are the 3 flags flown by the army?

The army typically flies their original United States Army flag which is a white flag with the official seal of the United States Army. Along with this, there are other flags to represent different branches of the United States military such as, The United States Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and the Coast Guard, although these are usually only going to be flown by their respected divisions and not by the army.

Where can I buy an army flag?

You can buy your very own army flag right here at the United States Flag Store. We have a bunch of different options fit for any budget and purpose. We also carry all of the other branches of military in the United States as well including the United States Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and U.S. Coast Guard.

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