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Patriotic American Decorative Banners for your Porch or Home Banister Flags

Giving your house that classic Americana look with these beautiful and decorative American pleated fans has never been easier and more fun! These fans look right at home and best when lining the front porch, railings and entryway! You can also hang these up around holidays such as President's Day, Memorial Day, the 4th of July, Veteran's Day and Labor Day to add to the celebration, patriotic and party aesthetic. You'll make your house look like it's right out of rabble-rousing times of America's infancy!

USA Pleated Flag

Your home or business will look proud and nationalistic with these USA pleated flags. Whether they are only coming out for the holidays or if you are keeping them out, these patriotic pleated fans will always look good.

All of the patriotic flag fans we have available are made with quality and durable material. These all have sturdy grommets and a canvas header which will help to hold it in place above your windows, doors or on your railings. We offer sewn polyester, nylon and cotton blend for our pleated flag, helping you find which price point is best for you. Featuring generous pleats, these pleated American flag decorations will add style and an element of classic Americana to any space. They're suitable for indoor and outdoor use. If you're looking for ways to add some more red, white and blue to your yard or outdoor space, be sure to check out our Patriotic Outdoor Décor and Patriotic Decorative Flags and Banners. We also have Patriotic Pulldowns that are a wonderful addition to any doorway.

What are the half circle flags called?

The half circle flags are generally referred to as Pleated flags. While they are not the actual flag of the United States, these are used in lieu of such as a decoration. This being because of proper flag code. This states that the American flag itself is not to be used as a decoration.

What does a bunting flag mean?

A bunting flag typically refers to using loose based material similar to that in flags. This means that an American bunting or even pleated flag would share the same colors and represent the same symbolism as the American flag. It is the creation of a decoration that shows pride and support for your country that while similar in appearance, one wouldn't actually be using the American flag in this manner.

How to hang pleated fan flag?

To hang a pleated fan you will need to measure the distance between the holes with the grommets on the flag and space your nails to accommodate that distance to hang it evenly. To learn more check out our YouTube video right here on how to hang a pleated fan.

History of the Pleated Fan Flag and "Hanging of the Bunting"

History of the Pleated fan flag dates back as far as the revolutionary times in the United States of America, the late 1700s. With flags not as widely available as they are today, these were used and created in a manner that the layman was able to make and reproduce to show where their loyalty, pride and support was in regards to their country. This was first introduced and made requirement for naval ships to use in order to identify themselves to opposing ships on the open waters.

In the Southern United States of America, there is a tradition that is referred to as "the Hanging of the Bunting." This is a celebration or party in honor of hanging up their bunting or patriotic decorations. This typically takes place around memorial day and the bunting stays up until just after Labor Day.

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