Flagpoles 20ft

Proudly fly your favorite flag on a 20-foot flag pole from the United States Flag Store. We carry a variety of residential and commercial flag poles to choose from in a range of prices and styles. Our commercial grade 20-foot flag poles are heavy-duty and are designed to withstand very windy conditions without bending or breaking. Our residential flag poles are less costly, lighter and easier to install, but cannot be used at higher wind speeds. Our large selection of flagpoles ensures you'll find the perfect addition for your home or business.

Due to length, all flag poles are shipped on a truck. Shipping costs are extra and vary from less than $100 to over $300 depending on your location. Shipping costs are calculated after orders are placed, and orders may be canceled if shipping costs are not acceptable. Some poles may require expert installation and a crane.

Need help or advice? Just call toll free 1-877-734-2458 and our friendly staff will explain the options and benefits.

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