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Police Flags

Every day in our communities, the brave men and women in Law Enforcement go out into the streets to uphold the peace and keep us safe. And every day we have the opportunity to show our appreciation for these people. Whether someone you know is in the department, are close to someone in this field or if you just want to show and share your support with and for these public servants and your surrounding area, we have got the flag for you. From Thin Blue Line American Flag to the Honor and Sacrifice Flag, you are bound to find something to get across just the right sentiments with your fellow citizens and fine folks in blue.

The Thin Blue Line American Flag is one of our most popular designs as of late and fit for duty on almost any flagpole. Boasting a 4 and a half star rating, this 2ft by 3ft flag is made of a high-quality nylon with a heavy canvas heading and brass grommets to help it fly right, true and for many seasons to come, rain or shine. This Thin Blue Line Series sees an alternate version of the classic American flag with a blue line on the 8th stripe. This also comes in a 3ft by 5ft variant. These particular flags are made in the United States, have an excellent fly ability and look great both indoors and outdoors. It should be noted, these flags go quick! So, be sure to check out alternate sizes and back with us as we are always doing our best to keep our inventory full and in stock.

For just the classic Thin Blue Line Flag which features just the blue line on a slick black back drop, our 3ft by 5ft on a printed polyester is sure to turn some heads. It has a sturdy header and grommets to make putting up and keeping in the air a breeze. This comes from our very own brand, Super Tough and is imported from outside the U.S, and although an import, the message it sends still supports home.

We Support Our Police Flag is a straightforward and simple design that sees these words on a flag with one black overtop of one blue horizontal stripe. This is made with 100% nylon with weather resistance in mind and requires low winds to fly, so you can be sure to see 'er waving at you with little wind. Made with a heavy canvas for extra durability and brass grommets, its easy to see why this made in the U.S.A. flag is a great choice.

Law enforcement officers go out there every day and put their lives on the line to keep you and your family safe. Families with public servants know the reality of this daily sacrifice all too well. And whether you are one of those proud families or you're simply looking to show your support of these public servants, the United States Flag Store offers a tremendous range of flag options for you to choose from.

Check out our Thin Line Meanings for more information on these flags.

Fire Fighters Flag

At the United States Flag Store, we not only carry a great selection of Police Flags, but we also have Firefighter Flags as well! From the Thin Red Line American Flag to flags with the classic Fire Department logo on it, we got them in stock and ready to ship to you.

First Responder and EMS Flag

We also carry a nice selection EMS flags for the first responders and Emergency Medical Service personnel in your community. We have the classis EMS flag and Star of Life flag, so be sure to check them out!

What does the thin blue line flag mean? Colors and Meaning, this Police Flag's Background

The thin blue line flag came about as far as being referential to the Police Department in the 1950's thanks to then Police Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department, Bill Parker. Another officer and author, Joseph Wambaugh would bring even more attention to it in the 1970's and Errol Morris would illuminate on the subject in his 1988 documentary, The Thin Blue Line.

The phrase itself is a variation of an 1850's term that was in reference to British infantry during the Crimean War and was known as the "Thin red line." This was directed specifically towards a small group of Scottish Highlanders who wore red uniforms that were able to hold off a battalion's worth of Russian calvary.

Thin Blue Line is an allusion to the police in regard to the public and chaos. The meaning behind this is that being between the public and chaos of criminality, there is a thin blue line that separates the two. The thin blue line is representative of the police force, as many police officers around the country wear blue uniforms and some even have blue stripes.

Is there a flag to support police?

Yes, there very much is a flag to support the police. We have a flag available on the United States Flag Store that is black and blue and has the words, "We Support Our Police," written right on it.

Is the thin blue line flag illegal?

The thin blue line flag in itself and in regard to the thin blue line American flag, although perceived by people in a number of ways, both good and bad are both currently legal to fly.

Is the thin red line flag disrespectful?

The thin red line flag is currently representative of the brave men and women in the Fire Department, and while its counterpart the thin blue line flag has gotten a rough rap through different people within the public's eye, I don't believe this one has gotten that as bad. Obviously, any flag can be seen as disrespectful, and some more than others based on their origination and use in the past. The intentions behind the flag were not meant to be as such as it was made to serve to honor fallen firefighters and the department. The flag has received some controversy though because it is an altercation of the American flag. This is a question you would want to ask yourself and those around you. How do you view it? How do the people around you see it?

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