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Texas Flags

Texas Flags

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The colors of the Texas state flag mirror the colors of the American flag. However, the meaning behind them is slightly different. On the flag of the Lone Star State, red stands for bravery while blue signifies loyalty. The meaning of white is similar to the American flag. It stands for purity.

Official Texas State Flags

The United States Flag Store is proud to offer you high quality Texas state flags. These are the official state flags and don't skimp on the quality. We offer flags in cotton, nylon, polyester and printed and sewn polyester, depending on your price point and how you desire to use your flag. We also offer stick flags for parades and political events and times when we just want to show your Texas pride! All these flags are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. We got a nifty little selection of Texas Flag Pins, Patches, Garden flags and hard hats. We also have a great selection of Texas Flagpole kits! In correspondence with this article, be sure to check out our selection of American and Chilean flags!

What does the Texas Flag look like and mean? History, Meaning & Colors

The Texas flag is a one third blue field with a single five point star in the middle of that with the remaining two thirds split up into two lines, a red stripe on the bottom and a white stripe on the top. The colors of the Texas flag used are the same as used in the flag of the United States of America, old glory red, white and old glory blue and represent in correspondence as such for bravery, purity and loyalty. This iteration of the flag first made it's debut in 1839 as the official flag for the Republic of Texas. Six years later, when Texas became a part of the United States, this was adopted as a state flag. Prior to this, Texas was ruled by Spain, France and even Mexico. Due to it's solitary star, this flag was commonly referred to as "The Lone Star Flag." This in turn, gave Texas the nickname of "The Lone Star State."

Red, White and Blue flag with One Star

The Texas state flag shares similarities with the flag of Chile. While not exactly the same in their appearance, the Chilean flag and the Lone Star Flag look remarkably alike, with the similar colors, a blue field with a single five point star with a red and white stripe. The only real difference between the two being the blue field. The blue field on the Chilean flag is more akin to that of the flag of the United States of America than to The Lone Star Flag, only occupying the top left or canton versus the whole left third. The adoption of the Texas Flag in 1839 happened approximately two decades after the first and comparable version of the Chilean flag we see today, indicating that Chile didn't copy Texas in their design, but it is speculated that the idea was to make a flag that looked similar to the United States of America from afar.

How many stars are on the national Texas flag?

There is only one five point star on the current Texas State Flag. Most of the Republic of Texas national flags saw only one star on their design, but there have been different flags that were used to represent the area of Texas. While not necessarily being official state flags, past versions that varied in their appearance and the amount of stars consisted of, for instance, the Flag of the Republic of Rio Grande. Although this flag is rarely seen as an official flag outside the city of Laredo. This saw one third of the flag with a red field and three stars within it, along with a single black and white stripe, bottom and top respectively. Another flag that is commonly known as the "Stars and Bars," or the official Flag of the Confederate States of America saw 9 stars when Texas joined in 1861.

Texas Pledge, Texas Flag Day, Flying the Texas Flag and display rules

The Texas Pledge is "Honor the Texas flag; I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, one state under God, one and indivisible."

Texas flag day corresponds with the national flag day of June 14th.

As with etiquette in having a state flag and the national flag flying together, the following is applicable; if these two are on the same staff, the flag of the United States of America must be flown above the Texas or state flag. If these two are on different poles, the flag of the United States of America should be the furthermost left between the two from an observer's perspective. If this is not the case, then the flag of the United States in comparison should be flown higher.

The same applies to the Texas flag as when hanging the American flag vertically. As with the American Flag, the union or blue field must be in the top left and with the Texas flag, the blue stripe should be uppermost while the white stripe on the flag should be the furthermost left.

All the same rules and etiquette applies to both the Texas and American flag. A lot of the same respectful ideals apply here, the flag should be respected, not used as a costume or decoration, should not be draped over the hood, top, sides or back of any boat, car, train car or airplane. The Texas flag should not be used tin advertising or have any lettering, symbol or any sort on it. It must also not be displayed in any sort of inclement weather.


  • The designer or creator of the Lone Star Flag is unknown.
  • The Texas flag is only one of two state flags to have also served as a national flag, the other one being Hawaii.
  • "Maverick" is a word that originated in Texas from Samuel Maverick, a rancher who had refused to brand his cattle.
  • The Caddo, a Native American language shaped the name Texas. The original word was, "taysha," meaning "friends."
  • Texas is the second largest state in the union in both its size and population, just behind Alaska for size and California for population.
  • The amusement park, "Six Flags," is a reference to Texas, having had six flags rule over it in its tenure. These include Spain, France, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, The Confederate United States and finally, the United States of America.
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