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Which state flag is not a rectangle? Ohio. The state flag of Ohio is a swallowtail flag and it was officially adopted in 1902. What animal occupies the state flag of California? The grizzly bear. Grizzlies may have been on the minds of early American settlers since they were a major threat. The Union Jack inhabits the top corner of the Hawaiian flag whose eight stripes signify the eight major islands.

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Every United States Flag- List of 50 USA States

Showing pride for your state or even just favorite state has never been easier, The United States Flag Store offers you the chance to do just that. We have the availability to shop not only all 50 of the United States flags, but even the U.S. territories! With all these super unique and cool designs, you will be hard pressed to decide which ones you want to get.

Our state flags are made in nylon, polyester, super knit or cotton and available in both printed and sewn versions. Each will work well for accommodating indoor and outdoor use. The United States Flag Store also has complete Indoor State Flag Kits that come with the flag of your choice, wooden flagpole, brass colored base, and a flagpole topper. We have an example here shown with the California state flag. These are perfect for classrooms, fraternity lodges, and state organizations to easily and beautifully display their state.

Get low pricing on our complete 50 state flag set in various sizes. Nylon state flags are made in the US by Valley Forge Flag Company.

U.S State Flags and Flying the American Flag- Along with the proper flag etiquette which should be followed when flying any flag in the United States of America, especially alongside the American flag, flying state flags and U.S. flags together is no exception. The flag of the United States of America should always take precedence when displayed amongst other flags. This means that the American Flag should be of the same or larger size than any state flag it is shown with, highest up and most of the time, farthest left to convey its true importance, value and power while on American soil.

For more on this topic, check out our Flag Blog and Information on Displaying State Flags with the American Flag

What does the state flag represent? Each United States state flag is going to represent different things based upon the state itself. Generally speaking, the state flag represents the state for which it stands for, along with values, important pieces of history, agriculture, resources and morals that make up the state's own identity and advocation of its own goodwill, intentions, code and contribution to the country as a whole.

Which state flag has the most stars? Although it's been said around the internet that the state flag of Minnesota has the most stars in it, it is actually the flag of Arkansas. Arkansas comes in with a total of 29 five-point stars to where Minnesota merely has 19.

What state flags have animals on them? Many of the U.S. State Flags have animals on them. For example, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Utah all have an eagle within their flag. The flag of Michigan also has an Elk and Moose on their design. California dons a Grizzly Bear, while Missouri has two bears. Delaware is home to an Ox. The state flag of Idaho also has an Elk and a horse. Kansas has two horses among other livestock, Louisiana has a Pelican with chicks, Maine reps a Moose. The flag of Wyoming has a buffalo and Vermont, cattle. South Dakota shows horses tilling a farm and New Jersey has a horse's profile.

What state flags are red, white and blue? Along with the American flag, state flags have also adopted the use of red, white and blue within their flag design. Arkansas, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas and Wyoming all share prominent use of red, white and blue. Puerto Rico, while not a state, but still a U.S. Territory has this feature as well.

Just for Fun State flags like Michigan and Minnesota utilize and share commonalities with their official state seal in the design of their flag. In fact, Michigan designed and set both their seal and flag at the same time.

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