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Pins, Patches, & Decals

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Enjoy bargain prices on flag lapel pins, patches and decals from United States Flag Store. We also offer custom soft enamel 2-D lapel pins in five sizes available with up to four colors. Our lapel pins are a premium-quality gold tone metal lacquered design with secure clutch-pin backs. Each has a baked-on enamel finish in bright colors.

Pins, Patches, & Decals

Waving that red, white and blue doesn't have to be limited to your front yard, in fact, you can get some pretty nifty pins, patches and decals to take Old Glory with you on the go. This can range anywhere from your standard American flag to seeing the American flag next to other countries and military branches. We even offer state flag lapel pins and patches along with the United States Navy lapel pins and patches. So, don't forget to browse them all!

USA Flag Lapel and Patriotic Pins

The United States Flag Store has got an extensive selection of American Flag Lapel Pins that would look sharp and patriotic no matter when and where you decide to wear them. Whether this is for the next time you go out on the town, have a patriotic party you RSVP'd to or you just need to grocery shopping and want to look extra suave. Whether you are looking for the iconic Old Glory in all 'er glory or you want to see the American flag next to the US Navy flag, we have got them in stock. You can also see the United States flag next to the flag of the Ukraine, Italy and Canada on some of our flag lapel pins.

World Country and State Flag Lapel Pins

While we may be known for our love of the American flag, that doesn't mean that it is all we have in stock, in fact, we have a whole slew of world and state flag lapel pins in stock too! Whether you are feeling a bit Irish with our Ireland flag pin, or you left your heart in San Francisco with our California state flag pin, you'll love what you can find.

Ukraine Flag Pins

Our Ukraine flag pins have been a hot commodity as of lately and are here to show your support. If you want it just on its own or alongside the American flag is up to you, you can't go wrong either way.

Patches of all Kinds

Alright, so pins aren't necessarily your thing, maybe you are more of a patch person. If you are looking some really cool ways to customize your favorite jacket, hats or pants, these are it. From the standard, beautiful red, white and blue to the Grand Canyon State of Arizona. What if you want to throw in a dash of the United Kingdom, Canada and Mexico? You're in luck, we got those in too.


Also be sure to check out our selection of decals to place on your car or toolbox. We carry decals of the United States Army, Navy and POW/MIA decals.

Custom Lapel Pins

At the United States Flag Store, we can also create custom lapel pins. These are available in five sizes, and you can choose up to four colors for the beautiful, soft enamel finish. So, if you still can't find what you are looking for, just have us make it and we will gladly do so! No matter what you're looking for, United States Flag Store can help. Click here for details

Who can wear a flag lapel pin?

Anyone can wear a flag lapel pin if they want to! There are some general rules of thumb you will want to follow if you do though. A flag lapel pin should usually be on a jacket or at the very least a button-down shirt. It should also be worn on the left side or left lapel, just over the heart in the tie, chest pocket and left lapel area. You will also want to make sure that your flag lapel pin is not too big at the risk of looking tacky, gaudy or distasteful. A good size with flag lapel pin size is around 1 inch or smaller. With lapel pins, the smaller, the better.

Do flag pins violate flag code?

Flag pins do not violate the flag code so long as they are being worn in a respectful fashion. This means that you would want to treat your small American flag lapel pin just as if it was the actual American flag, because it is! What this translates to is you never want to wear your American flag lapel pin backwards, upside down or sideways. Along with this, you'll want to be sure that your flag pin is not covered up by any other pins nor is it defaced in any manner. An American flag lapel pin should see its placement higher than that of any other pins you may be wearing as well.

What does it mean to wear an American flag pin?

It can mean a lot of different things to different people and their choice or decision to wear an American flag pin. For some, it may be a sense of pride in their country and nationality and to others it can be worn as a sign of respect, support and belief in the United States. Or it can be a combination of al of these things. There is really no right or wrong answer in these regards.

Where to buy American flag pins?

The United States Flag Store is your go to premier spot for all things American flag and American flag related items. That being said, don't forget to browse all the lapel pins we have in stock because we have a lot of them.

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