null California State Flag - Bear Flag


Type Printed Polyester Superknit Polyester Outdoor Nylon Heavy Duty Polyester
Brand Online Stores Online Stores Valley Forge Valley Forge
Durability 1 Star 4 Stars 3 Stars 3 Stars
Flyability 5 Stars 5 Stars 4 Stars 4 Stars
US Made
2ft x 3ft $21.42
3ft x 5ft $6.45 $12.95 $31.04 $53.35
4ft x 6ft $49.13 $81.60
5ft x 8ft $89.33 $134.98
California Flags

California Flags

The California State flag is also called the Bear flag. The original Bear flag was first flown in 1846 and was a symbol of California's independence from Mexico. The flag included a red star on a white background and a representation of a grizzly bear. A modernized version of the flag was adopted in 1911 and includes the original flag's star and bear symbols. Visit our flag blog for more information about the history of the California State flag.

United States Flag Store carries the California flag in a variety of sizes. Flags are made from either nylon or Superknit polyester depending on the size and desired strength. Non-standard sizes of California flags are available upon request and typically ship in 3-5 business days. All of our California State flags are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.