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West Virginia

The West Virginia state flag was officially adopted in 1929. It consists of a white background with a blue border and the coat of arms of West Virginia in the center. The center symbol is surrounded by Rhododendron maximum and a ribbon that reads "State of West Virginia". Components of the flag are said to represent the history of the state and its role in the American Civil War.

Type Printed Polyester Superknit Polyester Outdoor Nylon Heavy Duty Polyester
Brand Online Stores Online Stores Valley Forge Valley Forge
US Made    
2ft x 3ft     $17.50  
3ft x 5ft $5.95 $11.30 $20.50 $31.85
4ft x 6ft     $39.45 $48.69
5ft x 8ft     $57.65 $79.95

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The United States Flag Store offers a variety of West Virginia flags for sale. We stock flags in 2 different fabrics including Superknit polyester which is affordable, durable and attractive. Our flags are suitable for indoor or outdoor use and are priced low. Shipping is fast and quality is always high when you buy your state flags at the United States Flag Store. Flags are available in a variety of standard sizes, though other sizes may be special ordered upon request.

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