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Embrace greatness or remain stagnant. Whether you're pursuing grandeur without looking back or aiming for excellence within the confines of your home or business, the United States Flag Store is dedicated to assisting you along your path. Selecting a commercial flagpole involves various factors, yet by adopting a methodical approach and defining clear criteria, the procedure can be made more straightforward. Offering a wide range of choices, our goal is to facilitate your decision-making by breaking it down into easily manageable steps.

Flagpole Height

Given the range of heights offered for commercial-grade flagpoles, the process of selection may seem overwhelming initially, spanning from heights under 20ft to 90ft and beyond. Naturally, aesthetics are crucial in determining how well your new flagpole will blend with its surroundings. In most residential settings, a flagpole ranging from 20 to 25ft typically suffices and enhances visual appeal. This decision is influenced by the typical height of homes and businesses, usually one to two stories, making shorter flagpoles complement such structures effectively. Conversely, placing a 50ft flagpole next to a single-story ranch would seem excessive. Similarly, situating a shorter 20ft flagpole next to a multi-story building, like an apartment complex or office tower, would appear mismatched, where a taller flagpole would be more appropriate. Additionally, it's advisable to check any community or neighborhood regulations regarding flagpole height and installation.

20ft & 25ft Commercial Flagpoles

The conventional 20 and 25ft commercial flagpoles are not just the favored choice for many businesses and schoolyards but are also ideal for residential purposes. Additionally, all of these flagpoles are made in the United States.

Windspeed and Location for Your Flagpole

Once you've established the suitable height for your flagpole, it's vital to assess its planned location, particularly regarding exposure to wind. Although this may seem straightforward, it's essential to gauge the level of wind your prospective flagpole will encounter. It wouldn't be prudent to install a flagpole rated for low windspeeds in an area prone to category 3 hurricanes, just as it wouldn't be necessary to erect a storm-rated flagpole in an area with mild gusts.

Our flagpoles are classified into three primary categories: medium, high, and storm-rated. In most regions across the country, a medium-rated flagpole with flagged windspeeds of approximately 71 miles per hour and unflagged windspeeds of 91 miles per hour will suffice. However, it's crucial to refer to the additional information section on the product page for specific details as this may vary.

Customers residing in areas with higher wind speeds, such as near lakes or in open fields, may find high windspeed rated flagpoles more suitable, featuring flagged windspeeds of around 95 miles per hour and unflagged windspeeds of 121 miles per hour. Once again, these figures can vary.

For those living in tornado-prone regions or coastal areas susceptible to hurricanes and severe storms, we recommend our storm-rated flagpoles. While they come with a higher price tag, they offer heavy-duty performance with flagged windspeeds of approximately 120 miles per hour and unflagged windspeeds of 211 miles per hour.

After selecting the appropriate flagpole for your area, consider its placement on your property. Ensure it's free from obstructions such as buildings or trees to maintain visibility from multiple angles. Many prefer situating flagpoles on hills or in open spaces to enhance visibility and prevent obstructions. The aim is to integrate the flagpole seamlessly into the landscape while proudly displaying the American flag. Providing ample space around the flagpole ensures that Old Glory can fly freely and proudly, making a majestic statement.

Flagpole Safety

Concerning commercial-grade flagpoles, the majority of these typically demand ground installation. However, this process can present several challenges if you're uncertain about what factors to consider. Installing flagpoles generally entails burying approximately 10 percent of the flagpole's height into the ground. For instance, a 40ft flagpole would require around 4ft of excavation for proper installation. Therefore, it's essential to perform a "call before you dig" to ensure that the chosen location for your flagpole is not only appropriate but also clear of any underground utilities such as power, sewer, water, cable lines, or other concealed obstacles. This precautionary measure helps prevent potential damage or disruptions during installation.

Flagpole Budget

The pricing of commercial-grade flagpoles can vary significantly, so it's crucial to find one that fits your budget and meets your requirements. Although these flagpoles may come with a substantial price tag, investing in a quality commercial-grade flagpole can be worthwhile in the long term. Numerous factors influence the final price, some of which we've previously discussed and others we haven't touched upon. These factors encompass height, wind speed rating, material, and halyard configurations. Generally, taller and sturdier flagpoles, such as those with high wind speed ratings, tend to be more expensive due to the increased amount of raw material required for construction. Flagpoles with internal halyards also command a higher price compared to those with external halyards due to the additional internal hardware needed.

Once you've determined the appropriate height, wind speed rating, location, safety precautions, and budget for your flagpole, narrowing down your options becomes more manageable. Now, you're well on your way to selecting the perfect commercial-grade flagpole for your needs! It's important to note that while some of our flagpoles may be installable with basic tools and knowledge, most commercial flagpoles will require professional installation or expert assistance to ensure proper setup. To ensure that you not only select the right flagpole but also have it installed correctly, it's advisable to seek consultation from a professional.

Commercial flagpoles offer an excellent means to display your pride and patriotism for your business. However, it's crucial to adhere to flag code guidelines, which stipulate that the American flag should always fly on top and take precedence.

Considering that installing a commercial flagpole is a significant investment, the United States Flag Store provides outstanding warranties, ranging from five years to a lifetime on certain options. Rest assured that you won't find better prices for high-quality, heavy-duty commercial-grade flagpoles anywhere else but here. Please note that most of these flagpoles may require expert installation and the use of a crane. It's crucial to consult with a professional for proper installation. Additionally, be sure to review the wind speed chart before selecting your flagpole to ensure it's suitable for your area.

Budget Friendly Commercial Aluminum Flagpoles Made in the USA

While most of our commercial flagpoles pack a bigger price tag than some of the standard residential flagpoles we carry, we still wanted to give you the link to some of our more economical commercial flagpoles. These range anywhere from 25 to 70ft and include their own unique specifications and details, so be sure to check them all out.

Shipping Your Flagpole

Feel free to contact us at 1-877-734-2458, and we'll gladly offer you a shipping estimate for your new commercial flagpole before you finalize your order. Alternatively, you can place your order online, and we'll promptly email you with the shipping cost. We aim to respond to these orders by the end of the following business day. You have the option to cancel the order without any penalty before agreeing to the shipping costs. However, please be aware that some of our larger flagpoles are made to order, and once you've accepted the shipping costs and the order is in progress, there may be a cancellation fee.

Flagpole Damages

Important Reminder: When receiving freight deliveries of commercial flagpoles, we highly recommend inspecting both the flagpoles and their contents before signing for them. Once you've signed, confirming receipt and verifying that everything is in good condition, we are unable to replace any damages or file claims for replacements. Neither Online Stores nor the United States Flag Store will be responsible for damages sustained during transport if the merchandise was signed for upon delivery. Therefore, it's crucial to carefully inspect your new commercial flagpole upon delivery, documenting and even taking photographs of the boxes (if applicable) in which it was delivered.