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Commercial Grade Aluminum Flagpoles from the United States Flag Store

Go big or go home. So, you decided to go big and not go home or you are going big for your home. Or your business. Whatever your reasoning is for looking into a commercial grade aluminum flagpole, the United States Flag Store is happy to help you along the way. There is no shortage of things to consider when making this purchase, but with a little outline and knowing what to look for, it can be a breeze. We have a bunch of different options for commercial grade flagpoles, so we'll try to break it down into smaller chunks to assist you in making that decision a little easier.

Flagpole Height

With all the different variations on commercial grade flagpole height, this may seem a little daunting at first, ranging anywhere from under 20ft to 90ft and higher. Obviously, aesthetics are an important part as to how your new flagpole is going to look next to where you decide to place it. In some cases, for most houses and residential areas a 20 to 25ft flagpole is going to be more than sufficient and look great. This is based off the fact that that most homes and some businesses only being one to two stories tall, our shorter flagpoles will look right at home right next to them. It would be a little overzealous to throw up a 50ft flagpole next to a one-story ranch. As such, it would also look out of place to put a shorter 20ft flagpole next to a building that has four to five floors, such as an apartment or office building where a 50ft flagpole would bode well. You may also want to check to see if your community or neighborhood has any height regulations on flagpoles and their installation.

20ft and 25ft Commercial Flagpoles

The standard 20 and 25ft commercial flagpoles are going to be not only the primary choice for most businesses and schoolyards, but also can be used for your home. These are also all made in the U.S.A.

Windspeed and Location for your Flagpole

After establishing an adequate flagpole height for your needs, it is best to consider where it is going to be flying. I know what you are thinking, well, yeah, of course... But! I am talking specifically in regard to how much wind your future flagpole is going to be putting up with. You wouldn't want to put up a low rated windspeed flagpole in an area that may potentially deal with category 3 hurricanes, nor would it be necessary to get a storm rated flagpole for an area that only receives mild gusts of wind from time to time. To view our chart showing average windspeeds across the United States, go ahead and click here.

We have most of our flagpoles marked in three different categories, they are medium, high and storm.

For most areas around the country, the medium rated flagpole will work fine with an approximate flagged windspeed of 71 miles per hour and unflagged at 91 miles per hour. It should be noted this may vary from flagpole to flagpole and to always check out the additional information section on the product page for these specific details.

Customers that live in higher wind locations such as off of lakes and in wide open areas and fields may benefit from the high windspeed rated flagpoles. These see their numbers at a flagged windspeed of 95 miles per hour and unflagged at 121 miles per hour. Again, this number will vary from flagpole to flagpole.

Finally, for our customers that live in tornado alley and on coastal locations that are a little more susceptible to hurricanes, high winds and other storm cells, the storm rated flagpole is what we would recommend for you. These come with a much heavier price tag, but also have some heavy rated flagged and unflagged windspeeds, at approximately 120 miles per hour and 211 miles per hour.

Now that you have figured out what flagpole is going to work for your neck of the woods, you just need to figure out where it is going to be flying... again. For this, you'll want to really look into where your flagpole is specifically going to be on your property. A good way to play this is to keep your flagpole free from any obstructions. This not only goes for its immediate surrounding areas but also how your flag is going to appear from multiple lines of sight. This would apply to buildings, trees and anything else that can potentially get in the way of your new flagpole. Most people like to put their flagpoles on a hill or in an open area, so that way it really grabs people's attention and isn't just another object in the background nor do you have to worry about your flag hitting anything. The main objective is to not only have your flagpole look like it belongs wherever it is, but to also stand proud, respectfully and in an honorable location, suitable to hold the American flag. Giving your flag a good amount of space will ensure that you get to really see Old Glory in all 'er glory, waving proud and majestically.

Strong Solid Flagpole for High Windspeed

To those that want to wave their flag but live in coastal regions where the winds get pretty gnarly to say the least, be sure to check out our Deluxe IH Series 20ft Flagpole by Super Tough. This is probably the least expensive you are going to find a storm rated flagpole. This specific model is an aluminum, in ground flagpole that comes in satin, bronze, black and clear, with an internal halyard. This beautiful piece of equipment is proudly made in the U.S.A.

Flagpole Safety in Mind

With commercial grade flagpoles, most of these are going to need to be installed in the ground. This can bring up a whole slew of issues if you are not sure what to look for, considering the installation of flagpoles is going to require approximately 10 percent of the height of the flagpole in the ground. This would put a 40ft flagpole needing around 4ft of digging for its installation. For this reason, it is important to call before you dig to make sure that the location you have scouted out for your flagpole is not only suitable for your flagpole, but also that you aren't going to hit any power, sewer, water and cable lines or anything else that may be hidden from plain sight.

Your Flagpole Budget

The prices on commercial grade flagpoles can vary quite a bit, so make sure you find something that is going to fit within your budget and what you need. While these are by no means cheap, a good commercial grade flagpole can be well worth the investment. Some of the factors that go into the final price on these items involve things we have discussed prior and some we haven't. This includes height, windspeed rating, material and halyard configurations, Usually the taller and stronger a flagpole is such as a high rated windspeed flagpole, the more it is going to cost. This is due to more of the amount of actual raw material needing to be used in its construction. Flagpoles with internal halyards are also going to cost more than their external halyard counterparts, due to needing more internal hardware. Once you have established your flagpole height, windspeed rating, location and safety precautions and budget, it shouldn't be as hard to narrow down your options and what is going to work for you. And now, you are well on your way to picking out your very own new commercial grade flagpole!

It should be noted: that while you may be able to install some of our flagpoles yourself with a little know how, a shovel, some elbow grease and concrete mix, most of our commercial flagpoles will require an expert or at the very least expert assistance in order to install them properly. To ensure you get not only the correct flagpole, but also one that is going to meet your needs and be installed correctly, be sure to get a consultation with a professional.

Commercial flagpoles can be a great way to display your flag for your business and pride. As you wave the American flag, however, remember that according to flag code, the American flag should always be flying on top, and it will always take precedence.

Since installing a commercial flagpole is a big investment, the United States Flag Store offers amazing warranties. Some of our options start at five years and can extend all the way up to a lifetime. Customers won't find better prices for higher quality commercial grade heavy duty flag poles than right here at the United States Flag Store.

Please note that most of these flagpoles may require expert installation and a crane. Please consult with a professional for proper installation. Also again, please be sure to read the wind speed chart before choosing your flagpole to make sure it is well suited for your area.

Budget Friendly Commercial Flagpoles Made in the USA

While most of our commercial flagpoles pack a bigger price tag than some of the standard residential flagpoles we carry, we still wanted to give you the link to some of our more economical commercial flagpoles. These range anywhere from 25 to 70ft and include their own unique specifications and details, so be sure to check them all out. These are all made in the United States.

Shipping your Flagpole

Feel free to give us a call at 1-877-734-2458 and we will get you a shipping quote for your new commercial flagpole, prior to fully placing an order. Alternatively, you can place your order online and we will contact you by email with a shipping cost. We do our best to respond to these orders by the end of the next business day. You may cancel the order without penalty prior to agreeing to shipping costs. Some of our larger flagpoles on the other hand are made specifically to order so there may be a cancellation charge once you accept the shipping costs, and the order is in progress.

Flagpole Damages

Please Note: Upon freight delivery of commercial poles please inspect them and the contents inside before you sign for them. Once you sign for the pole stating that you've received everything, and it is in good standing, then we are not able to replace damages or file claims to replace damages Online Stores and the United States Flag Store will not be liable for damages during transport if the merchandise was signed for upon delivery. It is best to really inspect your new commercial flagpole upon delivery, taking note and even pictures of the boxes (if applicable) it was delivered in.

How expensive is a flag pole?

Flagpoles can range a lot in regard to their price. We have some smaller 6ft residential poles made for installation on a front porch that can be under $30, while some of the larger flagpoles we have can be well over $30k. It all just depends on what your budget is and what you want to spend!

How tall is a commercial flagpole?

A commercial flagpole is going to vary in height, we have them coming in as short as 20ft and as tall as 120ft.

How deep should a 25-foot flagpole be?

The rule of thumb with in-ground flagpoles and their installation is at least ten percent of the height of the flagpole should be in the ground. This would translate to a 25-foot flagpole should be at least 2.5 feet deep.

How tall should a flagpole be for a 6x10 flag?

For a 6x10 flag, it would be recommended that you would at least want a 40ft tall flagpole. You can check out our handy Selecting a Flagpole Article here, that has information that will point you in the right direction.