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Mexico Flags

Mexico Flags

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The flag of Mexico features 3 vertical stripes in green, white and red. The national coat of arms is centered on the flag in the white stripe. The tricolor design was adopted by Mexico following independence from Spain during the country's War of Independence. The most current rendition of the flag was adopted in 1968, though the basic design has been in use since 1821.

Mexico (Mexican) Flag

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Facts about the Mexican Flag

  • The current version of the Mexican flag we see today is it's 10th design.
  • The aspect of the length-width ratios of the tricolor pattern is 4:7 versus Italy's 2:3 and has darker shades of red and green.
  • The Eagle in the center was front facing until 1916.

The Mexico Flag Meaning, Design, Colors and Eagle Symbol- What does the Mexican flag look like?

The Mexican flag consists of three vertical bands of green, white and red in a tricolor pattern with a central emblem. This is the symbol for the country's Coat of Arms with oak and laurel leaves underneath in the middle of the white stripe. While this tricolor pattern is similar to that of the Italian flag, the main difference is in the Coat of Arms and oak and laurel leaves. Laurel leaves are traditionally used in wreaths to be worn on the head or around the neck and represent a symbol of triumph.

Mexican Coat of Arms

The Mexican National Coat of Arms is the symbol in the center of the Mexican flag. It shows an eagle in battle with a rattlesnake on top of a prickly pear cactus that is on a rock coming out of a lake. This represents the founding of Mexico City as told in Aztec tradition.

What does the Mexican flag symbolize?

The Mexican flag symbolizes Mexico's independence from Spain and their own sovereignty as an independent nation. Mexico became an independent country in 1821.

What do the colors on the Mexico flag mean?

The meanings of the colors of the Mexican flag have changed throughout history a few times, but the colors go as follows today, the green represents hope, the white stands for unity and the red signifies the blood of the fallen heroes of Mexico.

Mexican Flag History

The design of the Mexican flag we see today was first adopted in 1821 by Mexico's constituent congress. This was just after their war for independence from Spain. The flag has varied slightly over the last century with a variety of different representations in regards to the colors. When it was first adopted, the colors stood for independence, religion and union, green, white and red, respectively. This changed to hope, purity and religion in 1864 and turned into it's recent incarnation in 1968 of hope, unity and fallen heroes. It's theorized this change had happened at this time because of Mexico City hosting the Summer Olympics that year.

Historical Mexican Flags The colors used today first appeared in the flag of the Army of the Three Guarantees after the war with Spain had been won.

Mexican Flag Day Mexican Flag day or Día de la Bandera as it's known in Mexico is on February 24th every year and is a national holiday. It is the celebration of their flag(s) current and past and their independence as a nation.

Mexican Pledge of Allegiance

The Mexican Pledge of Allegiance takes place in educational institutions every Monday with the right hand extended in a Roman salute while reciting. The English translation is roughly as such,

"Flag of Mexico, legacy of our heroes, symbol of the unity of our parents and our brothers, we promise to always be always faithful to the principles of freedom and justice that make our Homeland the independent, humane and generous nation to which we give our existence. Steady now."

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