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US Stick Flags

US Stick Flags

We offer these stick flags at remarkably low prices, but we haven't skimped on quality. Many of our U.S. stick flags are made right here in the U.S. of premium materials.

Whether you want a flag to wave at a parade or event or to honor a grave site, we have a range of sizes to suit your needs, running from 4"x6" hand flags to 12"x18" flags for wall mounting. The United States Flag Store also carries all the accessories you want for these flags, including bases, brackets and wall mounts.

Our Best Quality flags are nicely printed onto quality poly cotton fabric. They have sewn edges and pole sleeves, so you can slide the flag off the stick. These flags are better quality than you can find in the stores. They are available with 24” plastic sticks or 24” or 30” wood sticks. These flags match our State, Military, Historical and International 12x18” stick flags. The best quality flags can also be used with our very attractive desk flag base.