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The flag of Switzerland features a red field with a white cross in the center. It holds the distinction of being one of just 2 square flags in the world (the other is the flag of Vatican City). The white cross in the center is the same symbol used by the Swiss military since the 14th century. The flag was first introduced as the national flag in 1889.

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The United States Flag Store carries a wide variety of Swiss flags to choose from in 2 different fabrics. Choose value-priced Superknit polyester for performance and good looks at a low price. Heavyweight nylon is ideal for outdoor use and can withstand all types of weather. Our Swiss flags come in a range of standard sizes, which may not be true to the original or official Swiss flag.

Did you know? The white cross on red background adopted as the Swiss flag in 1889 was created so soldiers of the individual states of the Old Swiss Confederacy could identify each other in battle. At the Congress of Vienna following Napoleon's defeat in 1815, Switzerland’s status as a neutral nation was first established. By the 1840s, the Confederacy flag had become unofficially accepted as the flag of Switzerland, which went to war for the first and only time during a brief civil war in 1847.

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