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The flag of Greece includes 9 horizontal stripes in alternating colors of blue and white. There is a blue canton in the upper left corner decorated with a white cross. The cross symbolizes Eastern Orthodox Christianity, which is the main religion of Greece. The 9 stripes are said to represent the syllables of the phrase, "Freedom or Death". Alternate theories state that the 9 stripes symbolize the 9 Muses or the 9 letters of the word "freedom".

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The United States Flag Store is a leading vendor of Greek flags. We offer flags in 2 different fabrics including our own value-priced Superknit polyester. Superknit flags offer excellent durability and a low cost. We also carry heavyweight nylon flags that have reinforced canvas sleeves and brass grommets. Flags are available in a variety of standard sizes.

Do you know? Some say the nine blue and white stripes on the Greek flag represent the number of syllables in the Greek national motto: “Freedom or Death,” while others claim the stripes stand for the nine muses of poetic arts in Greek mythology. Can you name The Muses?

The nine Muses are usually named Calliope (heroic or epic poetry), Clio (history), Erato (lyric or love poetry), Euterpe (music or flutes), Melpomene (tragedy), Polyhymnia (sacred poetry or mime), Terpsichore (dancing and choral song), Thalia (comedy), and Urania (astronomy).

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