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British Flags

British Flags

Did you know that the British flag actually incorporates all three countries of the United Kingdom? The flags of England, Scotland and Ireland use the crosses of their patron saints. All three of them are used in the British flag. No, Wales was not forgotten. It's considered a principality and a part of England.

When you want to find high-quality British flags - as well as flags from the other countries of the United Kingdom - head to the United States Flag Store. They have an amazing selection of different sized flags from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Yes, you'll find the Union Jack too.

Choose from three different fabrics. United Kingdom flags that are made from super-knit polyester are attractive and affordable. Nylon flags are an excellent choice for people and businesses that plan on flying the British flag on a daily basis. They are more durable, handle all-weather conditions and are also suitable for indoors or outdoors.

Whether you need a British flag to fly outside your home or business or a 4 x 6 inch stick flag, you will find it at the United States Flag Store. They're all about flags near and far.

We also have great value flagpoles.

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