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Did you know that the British flag actually incorporates all three countries of the United Kingdom? The flags of England, Scotland and Ireland use the crosses of their patron saints. All three of them are used in the British flag. No, Wales was not forgotten. It's considered a principality and a part of England.

United Kingdom/ Union Jack, Flag of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland-

The United States Flag Store isn't exclusive to selling only flags from the United States, we also have a great selection of flags from the United Kingdom. These include the classic Union Jack or British flag that you are more than likely familiar with, the official flag of the United Kingdom, the flag of England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Northern Ireland.

If you are looking for flags that are not imported, we clearly state the flags that are Made in the USA on the product images and also in the product descriptions.

What is the Union Jack?

The Union Jack or present design of the flag of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland itself is a combination of older flags that were as follows, the red cross of Saint George of England (the red +), the cross of St. Patrick of Ireland (red x) and Saint Andrew's cross of Scotland (white x). While Wales is a part of the United Kingdom, it is not clearly seen on the Union Jack due to being a part of England at the time of this flag's creation. We have a variety of different sizes and fabrics of these flags to meet whatever you may be looking for. We have stick flags for special events where you want to show some extra UK love and support such as the actual or official Birthday of the Queen, St. David's Day, St. Patrick's Day and St. George and St. Andrew's Day. We also have 3 by 5-foot flags for waving any day of the year as well, just make sure you are not flying it outside a government building in Ireland. These come in your choice of super knit polyester to nylon. Whether you are looking to incorporate some more national flags to your collection or to simply show your support for some great countries and regions, The United States Flag Store has you covered. From the Union Jack to the flag of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, we have it in stock and will ship it quickly to you.

Does the UK have two flags?

The whole of the United Kingdom is comprised of one flag, known as the Union Jack or Union Flag. While the UK itself is made of smaller countries that also have their own flags, such as England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Northern Ireland. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland are represented together as whole in the Union Flag.

Why is the UK and England flag different?

England is a separate country within the United Kingdom, so their own flag is different to that of the United Kingdom collectively. This in comparison for our American readers is although similar, it's not the same to that of a State such as Texas or New York within the United States of America, having their own state flags to that of the country's national flag.

What does the England flag look like?

The flag of England has a red cross on a white or more officially argent background. Argent is part of a color representation of light metals and is often considered interchangeable with white. The origin of this flag was constructed from Saint George's cross. The heritage behind this flag goes all the way back to the Middle Ages.

Why is Wales not on the union jack?

Wales is not seen because at the time of the creation of the Union Jack, they were considered to be a part England and represented as such.

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