White Titan 18ft steel flagpole with 3ft x 5ft flag

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White Titan 18ft steel flagpole with 3ft x 5ft flag

Made of 19-gauge steel, the White Titan 18ft Flagpole with 3ft x 5ft flag is a budget friendly offering with looks, strength and quality in mind. Inside each of the sections of this flagpole, the steel has been galvanized, which essentially means it has a protective layer of zinc coating to keep it from oxidizing or rusting. The pole diameter comes in at 2 inches along with an attractive white finish sure to turn some heads. You get all the accessories needed to raise your flag in the air, including the pulley assembly, halyard rope, rope cleat and mounting screws along with nylon flag snaps. Also included is a 3ft by 5ft printed polyester American flag and gold finial ball to go on top. Customers praise this flagpole for being easy to install, its beautiful appearance and great value. For the money, the White Titan 18ft Steel Flagpole with 3ft by 5ft Flag clocks in as a heavy-duty flagpole selling for a lightweight price. This flagpole is made by our friends in Valley Forge and is an import. 

Recommended flag size for this pole is 3ft by 5ft.

This kit includes:

  • 3ft x 5ft printed polyester American flag (imported) Upgrade flag to a Sewn Nylon.
  • Gold ball topper
  • Pulley assembly
  • Halyard(rope)
  • Cast nylon rope cleat with mounting screws
  • Nylon flag snaps
  • PVC foundation sleeve
  • Easy-to-follow installation instructions

Recommended flag size for this pole is 3ft by 5ft. You can click the following link to view all of 3ft by 5ft American Flags.

Flagpole Installation

This product can be installed without expert assistance or a crane, however, the ground sleeve must be cemented into the ground to hold the pole vertically. Installation instructions are included.

Due to the weight of this product, next day and 2-day air are not available.

This item doesn't qualify for any shipping promotions.

Other Residential Flagpole Kits

Another one of our most popular flagpole kits, the Super Tough Heavy-Duty 20ft Residential Flagpole with US Made Nylon Flag is in the same ballpark as the White Titan in regard to price. This flagpole is made of 16-gauge anodized aluminum sections that go from 3 inches wide at the bottom tapered up to 2 inches at the top, sharing more in common with commercially designed flagpoles while being offered at a residential and economical price. Also included is everything you need including a US made 3ft by 5ft nylon American flag with sewn stripes and embroidered stars. 

For a flagpole that comes in on its own and doesn't include a flag, but is a great value, the Super Tough Residential 20ft Flagpole comes in either silver, bronze or white. This flagpole is still made of 16-gauge aluminum sections and comes with everything you need.

Solar Flagpole Lights

And if you are looking to keep Old Glory waving high and all through the night, the United States Flag Store has a wide selection of Flagpole Lighting. With anything from solar powered lights to spotlights and flag top lights, we got you covered.

How tall should a residential flagpole be?

Residential flagpoles will vary a bit in regard to their height, but usually are going to fall anywhere from 15 to 25ft tall. Always be sure to check with your local guidelines and laws to ensure that you can put up a flagpole and what the height limitations and ordinances are if there is any. 

How deep should a 20ft flagpole be in the ground?

In ground flagpoles generally require approximately 10% of the flagpole to be installed in the ground. Most of these will come with a ground sleeve and will need to be cemented as well. This would translate to a 20ft flagpole should be about 2 feet in the ground. 

Which flagpole should withstand the strongest wind?

For flagpoles that will withstand the strongest wind, be sure to check out our Shop by Windspeed category. You can get anything from medium rated flagpoles for open areas to storm rated flagpoles made for areas that get hit hard.

Where to buy a flagpole?

The United States Flag Store is your premier one stop shop for all things flag and flag related items with flagpoles being no exception.

  • Exceptional quality at a budget price
  • Entire inside length is galvanized to prevent rusting
  • Includes all accessories and fittings needed
  • No expert assistance required for installation
  • Flag is US made, the pole & accessories are made in China
9.50 (in)
4.75 (in)
56.50 (in)
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Printed Polyester
3ft x 5ft
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