Weighted Hand Flag Bases for 4x6in Flags 1-6 hole

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Create a beautiful flag display on your desk, the family dinner table or a shelf with a weighted hand flag base for 4-inch by 6-inch flags. Our weighted flag bases are designed to accommodate between one and six flags; just choose the configuration that's right for you.

Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or you prefer an everyday display, you'll love these heavyweight flag bases with a lustrous, gold finish. Each base includes a 2-ounce weight for added stability, and they're ideal for displaying at home, at the office, or elsewhere.

These stands are built for small hand flags, and each is designed to display multiple flags for maximum exposure. Whether you have one, a pair or more, they will look great in these weighted bases.

At United States Flag Store, we're proud to carry products that help you display your patriotism. These flag bases can help you do just that in nearly any location.

Make your own desk set using these 4" x 6" stick flags US Stick Flags, State Flags, Military Flags, Historical Flags and World Flags.

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