Vanguard Series 20ft Satin Pole - ECXV20

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Vanguard Series 20ft Flagpole

For the customer who wants peace of mind and security for their flagpole, the Vanguard Series checks these boxes with ease. Unlike most flagpoles that have their halyard rope on the outside, this flagpole features an internal halyard system. This allows you and only you to have access to your flag via a conveniently placed locked access door. The wire center halyard runs through the center of the pole, a stationary truck, and a cam action cleat all while being protected behind the locked access door. This flagpole is a one-piece with the classic commercial taper of a 5-inch diameter at the bottom and a 3-inch diameter at the top. It has a wall thickness of 0.125 of an inch and even comes with a lifetime warranty. You get all the standard accessories to go with your flagpole including swivel flag snaps, counterweight, stainless steel quick link as well as a beaded retainer ring, all to help keep your flag flying safely in place. You also get a spun aluminum flash collar that matches your flagpole for ground level and a gold anodized aluminum ball for the air. There is an option available to add a shoe base but should be noted that this needs to be installed with the cement and will decrease the overall windspeed of the flagpole. This flagpole also comes in your choice of four different finishes which are a black, bronze, and clear anodized finish as well as a standard satin finish. The Vanguard Series 20ft Flagpole will stand a comfortable 20 feet in the air once installed and would make a great addition to any residential or commercial property. This flagpole is made in the United States and comes with a lifetime warranty. 

The Vanguard Series 20ft Flagpole has a flagged windspeed of 120 miles per hour and an unflagged windspeed of 250 miles per hour.

Standard Accessories (Click below to see):

Please Note: This flagpole comes shipped with a galvanized steel foundation sleeve that will be required to be installed using cement. Expert or professional assistance may be needed for the installation of this flagpole. 

While the satin finish is the standard option on this flagpole, it is available in black, bronze, and clear anodized finishes for an additional cost. While most of our flagpoles are going to require little maintenance, it should be taken into consideration that satin flagpoles are going to oxidize. Our anodized flagpoles provide a protective barrier from the elements and prevent this. 

Our anodized flagpoles are made to order and may take longer to ship. 

Our commercial poles ship by truck and our shipping calculator is not able to accurately calculate the cost. Click for more information about buying a commercial-grade flagpole.

Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Aluminum Flagpoles

We have got a wide selection of Commercial Grade Aluminum Flagpoles, so be sure to check them all out. We carry flagpoles fit for every budget. 

Other Internal Halyard Residential Flagpoles Made in the USA

If you are really into keeping your flag safe and are worried about undesirables messing with it, the United States Flag Store has got you covered. We offer other internal halyard systems that are made to keep you in control of your flagpole. The Deluxe IH Series 20ft Flagpole is essentially the upgraded version of the flagpole mentioned on this page with a higher windspeed rating, topping out at 315 miles per hour without a flag and a wall thickness of 0.188 of an inch. It includes everything you are going to need with a stainless steel cable assembly, cast aluminum revolving truck, flag snaps, counterweight, and retainer ring along with an aluminum flash collar and galvanized steel foundation sleeve. This flagpole features a winch and removable crank handle to move the halyard as needed. The Deluxe IH Series 20ft Flagpole is made by Super Tough and right here in the United States. 

Flagpole Lighting. Solar Flagpole Lights

Don't forget to add a new solar-powered light to your flagpole! With our selection of Flagpole Lighting, you can easily do just that.

Commercial Flagpole Installation, Extra Parts, and Accessories

This particular flagpole does come with installation instructions in the form of a downloadable PDF File. This will contain information on the foundation as well as assembly of the flagpole. 

To keep your flagpole in tip-top shape, we also have a ton of Flagpole Accessories on hand! From extra flag snaps, and halyard ropes to toppers, we got them.

What is the difference between a commercial and residential flag pole?

Commercial and residential flagpoles see their differences in their build, design, and materials used. Residential flagpoles typically come in sections and are the same size from top to bottom, whereas most commercial flagpoles tend to be one piece and have a taper from bottom to top. This just means it goes from one size to another, generally with a bigger diameter to a smaller one. Commercial flagpoles are typically made with heavier aluminum and alloys and are usually equipped with a thicker interior wall. 

How much does a commercial flagpole cost?

The cost of a commercial flagpole is going to fluctuate depending on the market, time of year, and the product itself. 

How tall is a commercial flagpole?

Commercial flagpoles will range in height, coming in anywhere from 20ft and going all the way up to 130ft. 

What is the legal height of a flagpole?

The legal height of a flagpole is going to be determined by the community, city, or township it is located in. Different areas are going to have their own specific rules and regulations surrounding flagpoles both in their height and even location. To find out what the legal height is in your area, contact your local government offices to see what the laws and ordinances are on the topic. 

Where to buy a flag pole?

You can get your new flagpole right here at the United States Flag Store. 

  • Lifetime warranty (more details)
  • Internal halyard
  • Available in 4 finishes
  • Includes all accessories
  • This item will ship using a freight carrier due to weight/size. This item will not ship UPS or USPS

Choice of OPTIONAL shoe base available.
PLEASE NOTE: Shoe bases come welded to the pole and require the anchor bolts to be set in a cement pad. Also, it decreases the overall windspeed rating of the pole.

Country Of Origin:
Butt Diameter:
Exposed Height:
Flagged Windspeed:
120 MPH
Overall Height:
Top Diameter:
Unflagged Windspeed:
250 mph
Wall Thickness:
Internal Halyard
Stationary Truck
Right Overlay Image:
Wind Speed Rating Storm.png
Product Type:
CPECXV20S|pdf|Flagpole Diagram
Vanguard Installation Instructions-2017|pdf|Installation Instructions
Left Overlay Image:
Made in the USA.png

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