Valley Forge Residential Flag Kits

Valley Forge, one of the country's oldest and most-respected U.S. flag companies, creates sturdy, well-made flags. Since the company's creation before World War I in Pennsylvania, they've been supplying consumers and businesses with top-quality flags that are made right here in the U.S.

Valley Forge is a supplier to the U.S. government and a number of other entities, and they're a market leader in flags and flagpoles.

At United States Flag Store, we're proud to carry Valley Forge flagpole kits that come with American-made flags. Each kit is easy to assemble, and the finished product is extremely attractive and sturdy.

We offer a number of Valley Forge flagpole kits, including vintage-style Betsy Ross 13-star flags and several others. We carry aluminum kits, wood pole and cotton flag combinations, and so much more. No matter how or where you want to display your patriotism, we have the perfect Valley Forge kit for you.

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