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Do you know who actually gave the United States flag the nickname, Old Glory? The nickname was first used by Captain William Driver of the brig, Charles Doggett on August 10, 1831 when he unfolded a beautiful new American flag for his ship. When Driver retired from his sea captain duties in 1837, he took Old Glory with him to Tennessee. During the Civil War, rebels attempted to find the flag and destroy it. Driver hid it under a red quilt on his bed and it was never found. To celebrate the Union victory is 1862, he flew the flag over the state capital and the nickname was forever etched in history.

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Valley Forge Flag Company

The Valley Forge Flag Company is one of the leading manufacturers of flags and flagpoles in the United States. They were founded in 1882, although at the time as a burlap-bag business. The company would start producing flags in the 1910s along with other surpluses that were needed by the United States military for World War I. The company is best known for its high-quality American flags, most of which are made from and by 100% American-made materials, resources, and workers. Valley Forge Flag Company also produces a wide range of other flags, including state flags, military flags, and international flags. They also supply most of the American flags for the United States Armed Forces and have done so since WWII. Valley Forge is committed to producing flags of the highest quality and as they so eloquently put it, "Made in America. For America."

A Brief History

After the company's introduction of American flags sold to the United States military in World War I, they would continue to supply flags for the country both in the public and private sectors. Their flags would be found on the budget lists for multiple schools, cities, and counties in the 1930s. Local, state, and federal government agencies would also use Valley Forge flags for their daily and ceremonial flag raisings during this time.

By 1942, the demand for American flags would reach an all-time high with the beginning of World War II. Valley Forge Flag would rise to the occasion to meet these numbers and needs.

Their flags would join the Allied Forces storming the beaches of Normandy and throughout the European Campaign during World War II as well as with the Pacific Fleet that turned the tide.

Valley Forge would become one of the largest manufacturers of American flags for the state and federal government by 1958.

The addition of Alaska and Hawaii in 1959 would set another unprecedented demand for flags that Valley Forge would take part in. The official 50-star American flag would be adopted later in 1960.

Valley Forge would also supply the flags at the funerals of past American Presidents, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon, and John F. Kennedy

American Flags Made in the USA

With the company's strong commitment to the proud service men and women of the United States military, it should come as no surprise that Valley Forge proudly stands by their products and the fact that they are made in the United States. This is just one of the reasons why we carry this iconic brand, their belief in an ideal, the country, and its people.

Most of Valley Forge's flags are made to fly outside with the wind and the sun, although they can look just as lovely as an addition indoors.

Valley Forge is a founding member of theFlag Manufacturers Association of America, which educates the public and flag retailers about the significance of manufacturing American flags in the U.S.

The company has five manufacturing bases in South Carolina with facilities in Alabama and Pennsylvania. Valley Forge is headquartered and based out of Wyomissing, Pennsylvania.

Valley Forge Flag Pole Kit

The Valley Forge 6ft Silver Residential Flag Kit w/ 3' x 5' Us Flag is one of the best-priced, quality items we have here at the United States Flag Store. It comes with a 3 piece 6ft steel pole, a printed poly cotton American flag, and even has an eagle on the top. You get all the accessories you need to get your flag up and waving from your front porch in no time. This is the ideal choice for the customer that needs an American flag waving from their house as soon as possible.

3x5 Nylon

And if you already have yourself a flagpole and it is just time to replace Old Glory, then the American Flag 3 ft x 5 ft Sewn Nylon by Valley Forge is more than up for the task. Made with strong and durable sewn nylon, this flag resists fading and fraying and looks great doing it. It comes with brass grommets and four rows of stitching on the fly end and this flag also features sewn stripes and embroidered stars, all for a reasonable price too!


Our customers here at the United States Flag Store love their Valley Forge flags. Their products hold an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on our site with praise given to these flags for their quality and durability, and the fact that they are made in the U.S.A. They also get a lot of love for being a vibrantly colored flag and their resistance to fading.

Military Flags

You can also check out Valley Forge's military flags right here.

Flag Etiquette

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Is Valley Forge Flag Company still in business?

The Valley Forge Flag Company is still in business and continues to make flags to this day.

Are Valley Forge flags made in the USA?

Yes, most Valley Forge flags are made in the USA.

Where to buy Valley Forge flags?

You can buy Valley Forge flags right here from the United States Flag Store.

Can you wash a Valley Forge flag?

You can wash a Valley Forge flag as long as it is nylon, sewn polyester, or cotton. You can wash it on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent, tumble dry low, or air dry.