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Do you know who actually gave the United States flag the nickname, Old Glory? The nickname was first used by Captain William Driver of the brig, Charles Doggett on August 10, 1831 when he unfolded a beautiful new American flag for his ship. When Driver retired from his sea captain duties in 1837, he took Old Glory with him to Tennessee. During the Civil War, rebels attempted to find the flag and destroy it. Driver hid it under a red quilt on his bed and it was never found. To celebrate the Union victory is 1862, he flew the flag over the state capital and the nickname was forever etched in history.

Valley Forge Flags understands the history and significance behind the American flag, which is why the United States Flag Store proudly carries this high-quality U.S.-manufactured brand. Valley Forge carefully constructs each American flag from the finest nylon material. Nylon is highly weather resistant and means that Valley Forge Flags are extremely durable and won't fade or fray. They are specifically made to fly outside. However, they look brilliant inside also. Each star is carefully embroidered to shine.

Why fly an American flag that isn't made in the USA? At the United States Flag Store we understand the depths that Captain Driver went to protect the honor of Old Glory, which is why we proudly carry Valley Forge Flags.

Valley Forge is a founding member of the Flag Manufacturers Association of America, which educates the public and flag retailers about the significance of manufacturing American flags in the U.S. More information on the history of Valley Forge Flag Company.

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