Valley Forge Pleated Fans

You'll love our selection of Valley Forge pleated fans. This spectacular collection includes flag pull-downs and pleated fans that are ideal for windows and doorways. Featuring sturdy canvas headings and brass grommets along the straight side, these beautifully patriotic U.S. flag accents will add color and style to your home or business.

United States Flag Store offers a number of fabrics, including printed, sewn cotton and the antiqued Heritage Series. Many are made to withstand inclement weather, which means you can keep your patriotism on display, rain or shine. These fans are available in several sizes, so no matter where you're setting up your display honoring Old Glory, you'll find the right one for your needs. We offer great deals on all of our pleated window fans, and we even offer our own brand of high quality (but less expensive) patriotic decorations.

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