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Historical Georgia Flags

Historical Georgia Flags

Historical flags of Georgia have come under fire time and again, but that doesn't stop them from being an integral part of the state's history. United States Flag Store carries a variety of these historical flags, including high-quality reproductions of the 1956 Georgia state flag featuring Confederate stars and bars. We also carry the 2001 version of the state flag, so you can find exactly what you need in our collection.

Each of our historical Georgia state flags is weather-resistant, and they're designed to resist fading. They feature sturdy canvas finishes and durable brass grommets. These flags are available in nylon, super-knit polyester and traditional printed polyester. Whether you're looking for a Confederate rebel flag or you want a historic flag that carries Georgia's state seal, you'll find what you want here. We also have a variety of other flags from the southern states, as well as Civil War-era Confederate flags and Union flags.

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