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US State Flags Shop By Size

US State Flags Shop By Size

Find flags from every state in the country at great prices at United States Flag Store. Premium quality official state flags made of nylon are printed using Aniline-Dye processing and are reinforced with a strong canvas heading and a pair of brass grommets. These state flags can be displayed either indoors or out. Whether you want to express state pride at your own residence, or you have a business that flies flags for display every day, these Superknit polyester state flags are a deft combination of durability with value and they also look great. State flags are available in sizes ranging from 12" x 18" to 6' x 10'.

The United States Flag Store carries state flags and banners in many different sizes, from 4x6 inches to 12x18 feet! We have handheld flags that stand in small pedestals for desk use and we also have a stick flag variety in all 50 states' flags. Our nylon banners are of the highest quality available and are made by the Valley Forge Flag Company. The indoor US State flags we offer are perfect for classrooms, fraternity lodges, and state organizations. The sewn nylon look with fringe adds a professional look to any room. We have complete indoor state flagpole kits, complete with a 4x6 foot state flag of your choice. These kits contain a wooden flagpole, a brass colored base, and a flagpole topper, as well. The toppers range in shape from the bald eagle to a spearhead.