American Stick Flags

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Several times a year, there's an opportunity to join in the festivities and display your patriotism, whether it's Memorial Day, the 4th of July, Labor Day, or Veteran's Day. To ensure you make a memorable impact, consider having a small American flag ready to wave in the palm of your hand. While you might already have an American flag in your front yard, having a portable one for on-the-go occasions is equally important. 

Our United States Stick Flags seamlessly fit into various settings, bringing a sense of joy and unity. Whether you want one for yourself, a few for your family, or several to distribute among friends and fellow attendees, these flags are versatile. They are perfect for handing out to spectators during parades around the holidays, decorating your backyard parties and barbecues, or bringing along to local political campaigns and special events. Additionally, you can proudly display them year-round in the classroom, on your work desk, or lining your driveway and sidewalk at home.

Regardless of your purpose for wanting a small American flag, the United States Flag Store offers the right size, cut, and design suitable for any occasion. Express your American pride and wave the red, white, and blue with gusto!