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USA Flags Without 50 Stars

USA Flags Without 50 Stars

Civil War flags and other American flags without 50 stars are incredibly popular for reenactments, historical displays and several other applications, and at United States Flag Store, we carry a number of them so you can get exactly what you need.

Our extensive selection of flags includes Valley Forge Betsy Ross 13-star Heritage Series flag kits, 15-star flags and those featuring 45 and 48 stars. We have Union Civil War flags, U.S. Cavalry guidons and nylon flags featuring just 24 stars, as well.

Each of the flags with fewer than 50 stars that we offer is made from the finest materials, and they're all designed to last. You'll find weather-resistant nylon and cotton banners in our selection because we know that the way your flag looks matters. No matter what type of U.S. flag you need, United States Flag Store has it.