Super Tough Premium Durable 12"x18" Double Sided US Stick Flag

Super Tough
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The Small Decorative American Flag that looks great in your Yard and Outdoors

This is the ultimate small American flag fit to move from the parades in the streets to proudly display in your yard. One of our highest quality small American Stick flags, the Premium Durable Super Tough series gives you a double-sided flag made from our very own blend of Superknit polyester. This is made with longevity in mind, as the durability of these flags lasts 2 to 3 times longer than to that of our regular small American flags. These are mounted on a 30" wooden staff, ideal for planting in the ground if you are looking to line your driveway, entryway or yard. The length of the staff ensures that your flag will not touch the ground once you have found a place for it. Suitable for honoring veterans' graves, the Superknit polyester holds its own against the outdoor elements giving you peace of mind knowing that flag will still be there.

Made in the USA Stick Flags

Our Premium Durable Super Tough Small American Flags are made right here in the United States. The United States Flag Store has our very own warehouse in Pennsylvania where we manufacture and assemble all our small American stick flags. We try to keep a bunch of these in stock and in rotation at all times, so if you ever need to place a bulk order, you know who to call.

Other Patriotic Mini American Flags on a stick

And if the 12" x 18" isn't your bag and you just need something a little smaller, we have got plenty of those in stock too. We have Super Tough small American Flags in a couple different sizes including a 4" x 6" and an 8" x 12". The flags mentioned previously feature no tip, but we also offer small American stick flags with different tip options as well, such as spear and ball tip. The quintessential small American flag, our Super Tough flags are a lovely flag to hand out at parades and parties around Memorial Day, the 4th of July, Labor Day and Veteran's Day. You can even use them on your desk in your home or office as well. These small American stick flags are also made in the U.S.A.

Bulk Orders Available

As mentioned above, with our warehouse in Pennsylvania, The United States Flag Store keeps a lot of our small American stick flags in stock and ready to go. This allows us to not only pass on some really great deals to you, the consumer, but also gives us the opportunity to supply you with bulk orders and shipments of small American flags for your next holiday party, political campaign or even to honor the brave men and women who have served this great country.

We also offer State, Military, Historical and International 12"x18" stick flags.

Great for motorcycle parades, however we do not recommend being used in high speeds if attached to a motorcycle.

What size is a small American flag?

Although the size of a small American flag may vary from company to company and even person to person, some of the smaller American flags we sell measure 4 inch by 6 inch, 8 inch by 12 inch and 12 inch by 18 inch

What can I do with a small American flag?

You can put a small American flag on your desk in the home or office, hand them out at parades and parties and you can even use some to decorate your driveway and lawn around the holidays or all year round.

Where to buy small American flags?

You can buy small American flags right here at The United States Flag Store. We have got plenty of options and they all are ready to ship directly to your house when you want them.

  • Minimum of 6
  • Made in the USA
  • Single-Side available!
  • High quality, double-sided flag
  • Mounted on a 30" wooden staff
  • Very durable - lasts 2 - 3 times longer
  • Manufactured from a silky-looking knitted polyester
  • Suitable for veteran's graves, shouldn't touch the ground
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0.50 (in)
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Country Of Origin:
United States
Superknit Polyester
12in x 18in
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United States
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Stick Flags
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