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View all US Flags

If you're shopping for American-made U.S. flags, you're in the right place. Our extensive selection of flags includes many made right here in the U.S., including those created by Valley Forge, one of the country's top manufacturers.
Choosing the Right Flag Materials

Our selection is filled with affordable flags made from the finest materials. Whether you need a nylon flag that picks up with the slightest breeze or you want something sturdier and a bit more wind-resistant, such as spun polyester or cotton, we have you covered.

We have flags available in a number fabrics, including:

• Cotton
• Felt
• Printed nylon
• Printed polyester
• Sewn nylon
• Sewn polyester
• Superknit polyester

You'll find American flags in a variety of sizes in our collection, from small hand flags measuring 4 inches by 6 inches to huge flags worthy of flying over a U.S. military garrison. We have banner flags, car flags and a number of others, as well, which means there's something for every need. From patriotic party décor to permanent displays, you'll find what you're looking for at United States Flag Store.

Economy U.S. Flags

While every flag in our comprehensive collection is competitively priced, we carry economy U.S. flags that help you save even more. Whether you're purchasing in bulk to give out flags at a parade or other event or you simply need a new flag for your front porch, you'll save big when you shop with us.

Long-Lasting, Colorfast U.S. Flags

Our American-made flags are all designed to last, as well, so you don't have to worry about the wind or inclement weather ruining your investment. Many of our flags are designed for outdoor use, and those that are resist fading and dye bleeding; our colors literally don't run.

United States Flag Store is your one stop shop for economy, decorative and display flags. We carry the best flags on the market at the most competitive prices, and we're completely committed to your satisfaction.