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Ultra Bright Ball Top Light

SKU: FLGACFL1000044189


$99.99 $72.75

Quick Overview

  • Utilizes 8 ultra bright 8mm LED lights
  • Made from a colored aluminum
  • Comes with 45ft power cord, plug, and photo sensor
  • Automatic on/off sensor
  • Plugs into an 110 outlet

Country of Origin: China

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This ultra bright ball top light is very convenient and easy to use. It is made using a colored aluminum making it both attractive and durable. It uses 8 ultra bright 8mm LED light bulbs and comes with a 45 power cord that plugs into any 110 outlet. It is ideal for residential in-ground flagpoles. Includes automatic on/off sensor.

Not for commercial poles.

Ultra Bright Ball Top Light

Ultra Bright Ball Top Light.

Rating: 3/5 based on 2 review(s)
  • Price: $72.75 - In stock
  • Brand: Valley Forge
  • Product ID: FLGACFL1000044189

Customer Reviews

Not bad Review by Andrew
So it’s made out of plastic and not very solid but it works and serves the purpose and for the price it’s a good option. (Posted on 1/10/2019)
Some things you should know Review by Cole
1) The plastic housing is disappointing. Should be metal for the price point.

2) The LEDs will easily push back into the housing if you're not careful. It took some patience and time with a pair of tweezers and a toothpick to get a couple of the bulbs back into place. The globe does not seem to easily separate so this was my only option.

3) Installing this on one of the telescoping poles was not as simply as the instructions depict. There are plastic spacers throughout each section of the telescopic poles. These spacers are NOT prefabricated with holes to allow the wire from the top light to go through. The instructions make it sound like you can just use a "long enough" drill bit to drill through all the spacers. This would require a 1/2" drill bit that is about 5 feet long. Completely unrealistic. I had to take the entire pole apart, remove each spacer and drill them individually. Then getting the spacers back into there correct positions was another issue. The work is not necessarily difficult, but I was definitely not expecting to have to do it to the extent that it ended up requiring.

4) Once all of this was finally done, the pole was installed, and Ole Glory was flying high....I was quite pleased! The LEDs light up very nice....for a while at least.....

5) Not sure if there is a short in there wire or what but the lights won't come on. I've had the pole up for a couple months now. I use a stop bolt at the bottom of the pole when I lower the telescopic pieces down so that the wire coming out and going to the power outlet does not get crimped or cut. The wire going to the plug is protected by conduit, so no issues there. We did just recently have a very hard rain, but this is clearly meant to be used outdoors so I don't think it was unfair of me to assume that this product should be weather resistant. No idea what happened....VERY disappointed though! And very frustrated given all the work that I had to do just to get it all to work properly. I plan to contact customer service to get a refund or a replacement if can. Unfortunately, if they send a replacement....I'll have to disassemble the pole to run the new wire, then reassemble, AND run the new wire through the conduit. Oh and the conduit was I'll have to dig it back up.

Hopefully the US Flag Store has good ole American customer service! (Posted on 11/19/2017)
Very bright! Review by MityDawg
I mounted this on a 20' pole, on the corner of my deck. The plastic construction was disappointing (I'd expect metal, for the $75, delivered), but it fit well and looks good. Best of all, it is very bright. Not only does it illuminate Old Glory very well, but it lights up my deck enough to add a bit of unexpected security in the middle of the night (at deck level, the light is soft). Install was very easy. (Posted on 10/24/2017)

Additional Information

SKU FLGACFL1000044189
Brand Valley Forge
Manufacturer Part Number BTHWL-8
Country of Origin China

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