Ukraine Flag 4ft x 6ft Sewn Oxford Polyester

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Official Ukraine Flag 4ft x 6ft Sewn Oxford Polyester

This 4ft x 6ft Ukrainian flag is a printed flag that is made to be waved and raised any season of the year. The oxford polyester that it is made of is not only thicker and longer lasting than a regular polyester flag, but is quite resilient to UV rays and moisture. This ensures that you will be able to proudly display your own outside in the air for years to come. With this type of material, the quality and appearance is comparable to US made durable heavy weight nylon. The colors on it are a lovely blue and yellow with double sewn edges and a strong header with brass grommets to improve stability and longevity. For the quality and great price point, you won't want to pass it up!

What size Flag Pole do I need for a 4ft x 6ft Flag?

We recommend a 30-40 ft Flag Pole for a 4ft x 6ft Flag. Read more about selecting a Flag Pole here.

Shop 30ft Flag Poles

Shop 40ft Flag Poles

How do I display the Ukraine Flag with an American flag?

There is a Flag Code which specifies all of the rules for displaying the American flag with the Ukraine Flag, you can read more about the Flag Code here.

Ukraine Flag History - What is the meaning of the blue and yellow colors on the Ukrainian Flag?

The meaning of the blue and yellow colors on the Ukrainian flag has two different variations or takes as for the recent definition. With the first interpretation of this being in the physical realm as a metaphor, that the blue represents blue skies and that the yellow stands in place for their golden wheat fields. The next iteration is a little more in the mental and emotional spectrum in that the blue constitutes calm while the yellow exemplifies and embraces joy. The people of the Ukrainian country pridefully adopted this design after their independence in 1991 from the Soviet Union, who had occupied the country since as early as 1917. From 1917 to 1922 was a struggle for power that the Soviet Union had ultimately won. During the Soviet Union's rule from 1922 to 1991, the Ukrainian flag was outlawed and any sort of display was punishable by law. The blue and yellow design was initially created and adopted in 1848 with a few differences over time involving the yellow on top and blue on the bottom. These different versions saw the yellow in place for the domes in their churches and the blue on the bottom for the Dnieper river that flows through the country.

What is Ukraine's official national symbol/image?

The official symbol or coat of arms of the Ukraine is a Blue Shield with a Gold Trident on it. While this was only officially adopted in 1992, it has been in use since as early as 1918, when brought in by Ukrainian Parliament for their short stint as an independent nation. During Soviet occupation, 1922 to 1991, it would be that of the sickle and hammer. The Blue Shield with the Gold Trident would be declared the new national symbol in congruence with the coat of arms with the Ukraine's new found independence in 1992. We have several garden flags available we created that display this symbol. Be sure to shop our flag designs that feature this beautiful national symbol - Ukraine Garden Flag with Seal, In This Home We Stand With Ukraine, and Ukraine USA Garden Flag - Unite Stand With Ukraine.

When is the National Flag Day for the Ukraine Flag?

The National Flag Day for the Ukrainian Flag is on August 23rd and has been the national day since 2004.

  • Printed on a strong polyester similar to US nylon
  • Finished with a sturdy header and grommets
  • Great for indoors & outdoors
  • Made in China
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4ft x 6ft
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