Super Tough 20ft Telescoping Silver Flagpole with Sewn Nylon US Made Flag

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20ft Telescoping Flagpole with USA Made American Flag

Another gem from Super Tough, this 20ft Telescoping Flagpole makes installation and getting your flag up in the air a breeze. This flagpole can go from 5ft to 20ft in a matter of seconds thanks to its spring release button. Foregoing the traditional rope halyard and pulley system, you get fewer potential issues to arise mechanically and not to mention less clanking on the pole. The flag is attached to the flagpole with rotating clips so that way your flag will always go with the wind and never get tangled up. The Super Tough 20 ft Telescoping Flagpole comes in a beautiful silver finish and with a total height of 22 feet. This is to account for approximately 2 feet of the pole being properly cemented into the ground for installation. It is also made of rust-proof 2 1/4" diameter, 16-gauge aluminum and comes with a 1-year Limited Warranty. Included with this kit is a 3ft by 5ft sewn nylon American flag to handle the weather and embroidered stars to wave bright. Unfortunately, this flagpole is not designed to fly a flag at half-mast but will fly it high and proud at 20 feet. The Super Tough flagpole is made outside of the USA, but the American flag is made right here in the USA by our friends at Valley Forge.

This Kit Includes:

  • Plastic ground sleeve
  • 3 inch diameter gold ball flagpole top
  • A 3ft x 5ft sewn nylon US made flag with embroidered stars.

PLEASE NOTE: This product can be installed without expert assistance or a crane, however the ground sleeve must be cemented into the ground in order to hold the pole vertically and safely. Installation instructions are included with this product.

These flagpoles do NOT come with a locking collar and stop bolt. This flagpole does not require these hardware pieces.

This is a residential grade product and is not designed to fly a flag in severe weather.

For more information on installation of Telescoping Flagpoles, click here.

Other 20 Foot Flagpole Kits

We also carry a variety of other 20-foot Flagpole Kits as well!

TheSuper Tough Heavy Duty Residential Flagpole comes with an American made U.S. flag and is made with sturdy anodized aluminum sections. This isn't a telescoping flagpole but has received rave reviews from our customers.

Valley Forge offers a 20-foot Aluminum Flagpole Kit that comes with all the fixings you need to get your flag in the air. This flagpole comes in 16-gauge aluminum sections and even has a gold finial ball on top for that extra bit of style.

Light for your Flagpole

And to make sure Old Glory is always lit up, no matter the time of day, check out our wide selection of solar lights to go with your flagpole.

How much wind can a telescoping flagpole handle?

Telescoping flagpoles aren't really designed to handle too much wind. While they can handle your normal random bursts and gusts of wind, it is recommended to lower your telescoping flagpole if severe weather is on the way.

What is difference between a sectional and telescoping flagpole?

A sectional and telescoping flagpole differ in that once installed, one can be lowered while the other cannot. With a sectional flagpole, sections are put together and stay in place versus a telescoping flagpole which relies on the use of buttons to move freely and the flagpole up and down.

How to install telescoping flagpole? Installation

To install a telescoping flagpole, check out our set of instructions we have available here.

Who makes the best telescoping flagpole?

At the United States Flag Store, we carry a lot of quality products that consumers really enjoy. With that being said, some of our most popular products especially in regard to telescoping flagpoles comes from our very own Super Tough. With high ratings and popular reviews across the board for our variety of Super Tough products, it's easy to see why so many people go with Super Tough.

  • Made in China
  • Made of rust proof aluminum
  • Installation instructions included
  • Expands from 5ft to 20ft in just seconds
  • US flag and flagpole topper ship separately
  • Your order will arrive in two separate shipments
  • Clips are on rotating clips, no tangling around the pole
  • Total length of 22 ft, 2 feet must be cemented into ground
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