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Telescoping Flagpoles

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  1. Silver

    TopFlight Telescoping 20ft Flag Pole


    As low as: $190.00

  2. Online Stores Telescoping 17ft or 21ft Flagpole - US Made

    Online Stores Telescoping 17ft or 21ft Flagpole - US Made

    SKU: FLGPRES1000036025
    $135.99 $120.00
  3. Super Tough 18ft Telescoping Flagpole with sewn nylon US made flag Bundle
  4. Super Tough 20ft Telescoping Flagpole with Sewn Nylon US Made Flag
  5. Super Tough 16ft Telescoping Flagpole
  6. Tailgating Flagpole Set by Valley Forge

    Tailgating Flagpole Set by Valley Forge

    $74.99 $66.19
  7. Super Tough Telescoping Flag Pole Kit

    Super Tough Telescoping Flag Pole Kit

    SKU: BNDL_FLGFKIT1000014039

    From: $27.29

    To: $33.29

  8. Multi-Use Telescoping Flagpole - 19ft

    Multi-Use Telescoping Flagpole - 19ft

    SKU: FLGPRES1000027958
    $135.00 $117.00
  9. Telescoping SuperFlex Poles

    Telescoping SuperFlex Poles

    $78.49 $69.29

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9 Item(s)

Our top-rated Telescoping flagpoles are perfect for setting up a patriotic display in your front yard or in front of your business. At United States Flag Store, we carry a variety of retractable flagpole kits made by a number of renowned manufacturers, including Annin, Cole Tools and Online Stores, Inc. We also carry collapsible flag pole from Top Flight and Valley Forge.

You'll find a number of aluminum telescoping flagpoles of varying heights in our inventory, from 15-foot poles to 21-foot poles. We also have extendable SuperFlex flag poles, tailgating flagpole sets with sturdy but mobile bases, and several other types. Each set includes everything you need for successful setup, and they're all made from the finest materials.

The best part is that each of the telescoping flagpoles for sale here are priced affordably. We want you to be able to display your flag proudly without breaking your budget, so we've made several additions to our catalog that allow you to do just that.

For more information on flagpole installation: click here

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