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Super Tough Flag Poles

Super Tough Flag Poles

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Super Tough Flag Poles

At the United States Flag Store, we know that when you are looking for a new flagpole, you want it to be durable, strong, affordable and look great. Your new flagpole has got to be able to withstand whatever gets thrown at it and keep waving that flag no matter what. Rain or shine. That's why we came up with this line of products and named them, you guessed it, Super Tough, Super Tough is the United States Flag Store's very own brand that really has earned their own stars and stripes for being super tough. From massive commercial grade sectionals to the smaller residential flag kits, we got the Super Tough Flagpole for you.

Commercial Grade Sectional Outdoor Flagpoles 20ft and 25ft made in the USA

Our Super Tough Commercial Grade Sectional Flagpoles are probably some of the best products we carry and have rave reviews from our customers to back it up. These are available in 20- and 25-foot options, multiple finishes including satin, bronze, black and a clear coat. These flagpoles are made of a high-quality aluminum right here in the United States and come with everything you need to get that flag in the air. With the Super Tough Commercial Grade Sectional Flagpoles being made of aluminum it really gives them the edge and much durability and strength against rust, corrosion and general breakdown,

Residential and In Ground Flagpoles

The Super Tough Heavy Duty 20ft Residential flagpole with US made nylon flag is one of the more economic choices we have here at the United States Flag Store. This particular flagpole comes to us imported with an American made United States Nylon flag and comes in either a bronze, silver or white finish. The Heavy Duty 20ft Residential Flagpole is your ideal choice if you are working with a limited budget for a nice in ground flagpole.

For an even better deal, the Residential Super Tough 20ft Flagpole offers all the accessories you need to get your flag up. To compensate for the lower price tag, this product does come imported and does not include a flag to go with it, but you already know we got plenty of those in stock, don't you?

To get your spin on without having to attend a class and get on a stationary bike, the Super Tough 6ft Spinner Flagpole is made of a two-piece aluminum pole that comes in white. This flagpole is made specifically to ensure your flag never gets tangled up and is one of our cheapest options we have for a smaller 6ft flagpole.

Telescoping Flagpole

If you are on the market for a new Telescoping Flagpole, the Super Tough 20ft Telescoping Flagpole comes in at a bargain of a deal and can go from 5ft up to 20ft all with the push of a button. This is made of rust proof aluminum, comes with a gold ball topper and a Valley Forge sewn nylon American flag. These telescoping flagpoles also come in 18 and 16ft options as well. This line up of flagpoles and flags are all imported.

Nylon Flag Kit

For one of the quickest and easiest ways to start waving the red, white and blue, the Super Tough Nylon Flag Kit boasts a hassle-free assembly and everything you need to put it up and together in minutes! It may take you longer, but hey, it looks easy enough. This particular flagpole is imported but comes with a Super Tough 3ft by 5ft Nylon Flag that is made right here in the United States. The flag comes with sewn stripes and embroidered stars just the way you want it.

Click the following link for more of our Residential Flag Kits.

The United States Flag Store has so many great products and good deals, you'll have no excuse to not put that new flag up.

Solar Flagpole Lights

At the United States Flag Store, we know waving the old red, white and blue is a full-time job. That's why we have solar flagpole lights available so you can light up your American flag on the darkest of nights.

What is the use of a flagpole?

The primary function of a flagpole is to have something to wave your choice of flag from. These can vary from simple 6ft poles attached to your home or business all the way up to commercial grade 130 ft flagpoles.

Where should flagpole be placed in yard?

There is really no set place as to where a flagpole should be placed in your yard, more or less merely a couple things to consider when you are finding its place. You want to make sure wherever you decide to place your flagpole, that its view is not obstructed by shrubbery, trees or any other structure. The objective of a flagpole is to display your flag with pride and clear visibility. Finding a suitable spot that is visible to visitors upon their arrival to your home is an ideal most folks strive for.

How deep should a 20 ft flagpole be in the ground?

For the installation of flagpoles, the guideline that is typically followed is that approximately 10 percent of the height of the flagpole being installed should be in the ground, this translates to about 2 feet of a 20-foot flagpole should be in the ground.

If you want to learn more about general flagpole question and answer, as well as installations tips, and even help on selecting a flagpole, we have many articles on the matter. Our Flagpole Advice section will provide articles on these with Selecting a Flagpole, Flagpole Information and Flagpole Installation articles.

Which flagpole should withstand the strongest wind?

We have got a great selection of High Wind Speed Rated Flagpoles here. You will find a wide variety of products, suited for some of the most brutal weather with options offering a flagged windspeed rating of 95 miles per hour and an unflagged windspeed of up to 119 miles per hour. Most of these flagpoles are made in the U.S.A. and come with a higher price tag but can take a whole heck of a lot more than the average flagpole.

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