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International & U.S. State Flags Super Knit Polyester 3' x 5'

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Online Stores, Inc. is the exclusive carrier of Super Knit polyester flags. Super Knit combines the factors of price and quality into a great product line. The Super Knit fabric is as durable as expensive nylon, but much better quality than standard polyester flags.

The United States Flag Store carries a full line of Super Knit products, including classic American flags, international and U.S. state banners, and military and POW pennants. There are also many specialty flags to choose from. For instance, there is a Confederate flag, an Alamo flag, and the infamous “Don’t Tread On Me” banner. Super Knit flags are also customizable in many sizes up to five colors. The custom flags can even be double-sided for that truly professional look.

And don’t forget car flags! Car flags are a great way to show your pride, whether it be towards your state, military service, religion, or just to add flare to your vehicle. Super Knit brand polyester flags are made exclusively for Online Stores, Inc. The superknit fabric is more durable than the cheaper printed polyester fabric offered by our competitors, and in many cases lasts as long as more expensive nylon flags.

All our Super Knit polyester flags have a heavy-duty header, brass grommets and 4 row stitching on the fly end which that durability. Super Knit is the material of choice for our repeat customers who purchase low cost flags. We supply many retailers and fundraisers. Please contact us for special pricing for orders of 200 or more. These flags are made outside of the US exclusively for Online Stores Inc.

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