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Super Tough Flags

Durable. Affordable. Reliable.

Super Tough® Polyester Flags

Super Tough Polyester flags, your 24/7 flag. Extremely durable high-tech polyester that resists high wind speeds. Eye-catching embroidered stars and sewn stripes give your flag a classic look. Colors fade less and your flag keeps looking beautiful. Lasts 2 times longer than nylon. Includes a limited 6 month warranty.

Over 1 Million Flags Sold!

The advantage of the Super Tough American Flag is its exceptional durability.

It is made of a heavy duty spun polyester which stands up to the elements, by resisting high winds and lasting much longer than lightweight nylon flags.

Available in sizes: 3ft x 5ft up to 20ft x 30ft.

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Super Tough Flags - Durable. Affordable. Reliable.

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