Super Tough 18ft Telescoping Flagpole with sewn nylon US made flag Bundle

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18ft Telescoping Flagpole with USA Made American Flag

The Super Tough 18ft Telescoping Flagpole Kit is an economical, practical and great choice for anyone looking to get a high-quality residential telescoping flagpole and their American flag up in the air quickly and easily. This telescoping flagpole is made of rust-proof 2 and a quarter inch diameter, 16-guage aluminum. And comes in at a total length of 19 feet and 10 inches to allow for approximately 1.5 feet to be cemented in the ground. This leaves you with a durable and strong pole that can go from 5 to 18 plus feet in a matter of seconds, thanks to its spring release button. With rotating clips that attach to the flag, there is no need to worry about raising your flag with a rope or it getting all tangled up in the wind. Included in this kit is a beautiful 3ft by 5ft sewn nylon American flag with embroidered stars and sewn stripes for durability from our friends at Valley Forge. To top it off, you get a stylish gold finial ball with a 3-inch diameter. The flagpole in this kit is imported with an American flag that is made in the U.S.A.

This Kit Includes:

  • Plastic ground sleeve
  • 3-inch diameter gold ball flagpole top
  • A 3ft x 5ft sewn nylon US made flag with embroidered stars

PLEASE NOTE: This product can be installed without expert assistance or a crane, however the ground sleeve must be cemented into the ground in order to hold the pole vertically and safely. Installation instructions are included with this product. These flagpoles do NOT come with a locking collar and stop bolt. This flagpole does not require these hardware pieces.

This is a residential grade product and is not designed to fly a flag in severe weather.

For more information on installation of Telescoping Flagpoles, click here.

Other Flagpole Kits

Available in the next tier up at the United States Flag Store, the Super Tough 20ft Telescoping Silver Flagpole is another no-nonsense kit with everything you need to get that iconic red, white and blue up and in the air. It comes with a 3ft by 5ft US made nylon American flag, rotating clips to keep the flag from tangling up and a gold finial ball. This flagpole does not require expert assistance in installation; however, it will require the ground sleeve to be cemented into the ground.

And for a rugged US made telescoping flagpole kit, Super Tough has got just the kit for you. This is available in 17 or 21 feet and is made of rust-free aluminum. It is also made with a dual locking system to keep the flagpole from collapsing in on itself. Easily fly two flags at once and never worry about them getting tangled with its rotating clips. Included with this is also your choice of a 3ft by 5ft sewn nylon, polyester or Super Tough Nylon American flag. This flag and flagpole are all made right here in the United States.

How much wind can a telescoping flagpole handle?

Telescoping flagpoles are generally designed to only withstand low winds. Most telescoping flagpole users will collapse their flagpole down and remove their flag if inclement weather happens to be on the way.

How to install telescoping flagpole?

For installation on telescoping flagpoles, most will come with a set of instructions to help you in this process. These will usually tell you how deep and big of a hole you need to dig and whatever else you may need to do.

How to lower telescoping flagpole?

Most telescoping flagpoles will have a specific button designed to collapse the flagpole to be able to bring it down and lower it. Once you hit the button, you can guide the section down one by one until you have it lowered all the way.

  • Comes complete with all the fittings needs
  • Pole is made in China, Flag is made in the USA
  • Pole telescopes from 5ft to 18ft in a matter of seconds
  • Flag is clipped onto rotating rings, no rope to tangle or snarl
  • Includes 3ft x 5ft nylon US flag with embroidered stars & sewn stripes
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